The Incredible Bond of Bonnie and Lucky


Hello everyone: As part of the SARA blog, Kathleen and I will bringing you stories written by Animal Reiki practitioners and teachers from all over the world. These stories will be posted the fourth week of every month with a small introduction by me and Kathleen.

This week I am honored to introduce a story written by SARA member Caroline Thomas. Caroline resides in the UK and brought on the first international SARA shelter, Remus Horse Sanctuary. She has written a touching story about two of the residents at Remus, Lucky and Bonnie, and the amazing bond they shared. Not only is this a beautiful story of the friendship between two elderly horses but it is also an example of how powerful Reiki can be when it is offered with consistency and without ego. Caroline’s story is a wonderful example of “letting go and letting Reiki”.

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Reiki for Tigers and an Ocelot


I received the most wonderful story from a Reiki colleague Martha Wewer, who volunteers regularly at Carolina Tiger Rescue in North Carolina. I am so pleased to present this story to all of you. It is an amazing lesson in animal awareness of the energy, and the connections and trust that can be created, even with wild animals. A big key to Martha’s success here, is her respectful approach, which all animals appreciate. Working with these incredible animals, Martha is also learning the important lesson in letting go of our expectations and learning to trust in the energy. Enjoy reading this heartwarming story!

With Animal Reiki Blessings,

Kathleen Prasad, SARA President

You Do Reiki on WHAT?!? By Martha K. Wewer

I started volunteering at Carolina Tiger Rescue in Pittsboro, NC because my husband, Tim, took a position as an intern animal keeper at the facility. This wonderful non-profit   Continue reading…

Level 1 SARA Workshop!


…….. By Caroline Thomas

This is my first ever ‘blog’, first ever Workshop.Being part of SARA has truly changed my life! As I write this blog, I am still on a high from the wonderful day and adventure we all had.

It was the 31st of October, on a cool Autum day, that I arrived at Remus Horse Sanctuary full of excitement and fear. Today was the day, that I was going to run a SARA level 1 Workshop with, my lovely friend Brenda Oakley-Carter. Both of us being SARA teachers, we are very lucky to live quite close to each other. I often feel that the ‘Universe’ brought us together!

The SARA experience started a few weeks before, when I was busy printing out the Manual, reading and absorbing all of the wonderful teachings that it held. Some of the information it contained was   Continue reading…

Another Lesson in “Trust” from Reiki



I recently had the opportunity to give a SARA presentation to a local humane society animal shelter. We tried for several weeks to coordinate my schedule with the schedules of the Executive Director and her right hand person. I met both of them a couple of months prior to our meeting and I also attended their volunteer orientation. We were happy to finally set a date to discuss Reiki and the SARA program.

The presentation lasted about an hour and they both were very excited about Reiki and the benefits it could bring to the animals and the shelter. Since neither of them had experienced Reiki for themselves I offered to give them each a mini Reiki session. It lasted about 10 minutes each and both commented on how relaxed and peaceful they felt. I could feel the positive flow of our meeting.

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Reiki At AID: Allie


I volunteer weekly at Animals In Distress in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, offering Reiki to the animals and teaching Reiki to the staff and volunteers who wish to become Reiki practitioners. I have been involved with AID since late 2004 when my wife and I adopted from them a beautiful Great Pyrenees. At the time I was quite impressed with the facility and the philosophy with which it is run.

Some time after we brought Sugar Bear home, I spoke with the director and offered to bring Reiki to the shelter. She agreed and I have been doing so on a weekly basis since then.

Typically, I have worked regularly with two or three animals chosen by the shelter staff. Some have been long term cases and others have only had a session or two. AID houses both dogs and cats as well as the occasional goat, duck or other   Continue reading…