The Incredible Bond of Bonnie and Lucky

Hello everyone:  As part of the SARA blog, Kathleen and I will bringing you stories written by Animal Reiki practitioners and teachers from all over the world.  These stories will be posted the fourth week of every month with a small introduction by me and Kathleen.

This week I am honored to introduce a story written by SARA member Caroline Thomas. Caroline resides in the UK and brought on the first international SARA shelter, Remus Horse Sanctuary.  She has written a touching story about two of the residents at Remus, Lucky and Bonnie, and the amazing bond they shared.  Not only is this a beautiful story of the friendship between two elderly horses but it is also an example of how powerful Reiki can be when it is offered with consistency and without ego.  Caroline’s story is a wonderful example of “letting go and letting Reiki”

With Animal Reiki blessings,

Leah D’Ambrosio, SARA Vice-President

The Incredible Bond of Bonnie and Lucky
I remember as if it was yesterday, my first encounter with two horses at Remus Horse Sanctuary named Bonnie and Lucky. Bonnie was a 32 year old, New Forest pony who had been rescued by Remus a number of years before.  She suffered from arthritis and laminitis. Bonnie was in a field with Lucky who was also a 32 year old mare who as well as having similar health problems to Bonnie had also lost an eye in a tragic accident. As this was my first Reiki encounter at Remus, I was very nervous and eager to impress the Founder of Remus, Sue Burton, with the beautiful healing energy of Reiki.

I remember clearly that it was a lovely spring day. As I approached the field, I felt an amazing sense of the wonderful life all the animals had at Remus.  I watched Bonnie and Lucky for a while and couldn’t help but notice their incredible bond. It was clear to see that Bonnie had become Lucky’s eyes. They were never more than a few feet away from each other, always aware of each others movements and if either should move further apart they would be quick to call out for the other. Lucky always felt secure in the presence of Bonnie, but if Bonnie should move away Lucky looked lost and fearful.  As I moved closer to them it was plain to see that Lucky was very scared of people. I decided to move to a distant corner of the field and offer Reiki to them. They both relaxed and loved Reiki, but always there was a distance between us. I offered Reiki to them over a number of weeks, always from the same corner. Then one day the most amazing thing happened. As I started to offer Reiki, they both raced up from the bottom of the field to just in front of where my hands were, and stood while I offered Reiki. (For two horses with laminitis this is a startling thing to happen!) After that day, both Bonnie and Lucky were so much more confident and happier with people and the world around them. They were especially blissful in each others company which was beautiful to see.

A few months ago Lucky was diagnosed with a tumour. I began offering Reiki to her again and each time she would push her rear into my hands, indicating where the tumour was. She would also go into the deepest Reiki “sleep” trusting me completely. Bonnie would always watch on from the next stable. Even though Lucky was so ill, she would constantly be looking out for Bonnie.  It was so sad when one day she suddenly died of a heart attack. It is difficult to imagine how Bonnie must have felt at this time, to lose this most special bond. After Lucky passed, Bonnie’ health began to deteriorate. She developed severe laminitis and her skin flared up with lesions due to the stress and grief of losing Lucky. I felt her sense of purpose had been taken away from her. She had always been Lucky’s eyes to see. With the help of other Reiki Practitioners, I continued to offer Reiki to her and for a while I did see the sparkle in her eyes return, her skin had improved and she could walk more freely. This, however, did not last long. The loss of Lucky always seemed too much for her to bear.

Eventually Bonnie had to be put to sleep even though the Sanctuary had tried everything to help her.  It was just by chance that a colleague and I were there to offer her Reiki in the last few moments before she died. I felt it was no coincidence that we should be there on the day that Bonnie most needed us. The only consolation I get is from knowing that Bonnie and Lucky are now reunited as souls as they were always meant to be.

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