The beauty of Remus


………….. By Caroline Thomas


If you read any of my blogs, all of my Reiki experiences come from this Sanctuary. Remus is the first international Sanctuary of SARA and embodies everything a SARA Shelter should be. In truth I do not know where to start when writing my blog about Remus. I suppose I just want as many people to know about a Sanctuary that lives and breathes the true meaning of being a Haven for those animals who have been mistreated by humans. I like to think that it was the ‘Universe’ that brought Remus to me, fate seemed to play a big part in my relationship with all that is ‘Remus’ and how it has moulded me into the person that I am today.

My journey started 3 years ago when I had just completed my Animal Bach Flower Course. I was keen to offer   Continue reading…

Reiki for Roxanne


In December I went to visit my good friend in Montana that recently moved her horse sanctuary to a 1,200 acre ranch. I was excited for our visit and especially excited to meet Roxanne. Roxanne, a four month old filly arrived a week before my visit. She came to the sanctuary from a neglectful situation and her mother had already weaned her, as she was not able to feed and care for her.

During my stay the temperatures dropped to 25-40 below zero for 5 days. A small corral was constructed inside one of the barns for Roxanne. Her adopted Aunt Madison, a retired broodmare that found a home at the sanctuary last year was in the corral outside the barn. They could still be close to each other and nuzzle through the panel that replaced the door.

One of the many things I wanted to do during my   Continue reading…

Reiki At AID – Hellos and Goodbyes


…posted by John Sawyer

It’s been quite a year for me at AID. I’ve met and worked with many animals and learned from all of them. Animals are such wonderful teachers!


I wrote about Allie previously. Unfortunately, Allie made her transition several weeks ago. Her condition had worsened to the point where she was harming herself despite the best efforts to keep her safe. There was no joy in Allie’s life aside from the time she spent sleeping in the arms of myself or another volunteer. During our last session together I got the strong sense that she had had enough of the struggles and was ready to return her focus to the non-physical.

Allie’s transition was more difficult for me than usual. We as practitioners know that Reiki heals on all levels and always hope for a physical healing as well. At least in my   Continue reading…