Reiki in the rain!


……………….. By Caroline Thomas

The biggest conversation topic in England is the most definitely the weather, in one day there can be sunshine, rain and snow. So in order to be prepared, I often carry different types of clothing, to suit any type of weather that may occur. It was a cold Sunday morning, as I looked outside all I could see was the rain and wind lashing against the trees. This was certainly a day where I needed to be in touch with nature. As I drove to Remus, the roads were flooded and dangerous. I did consider turning back, as I was worried that my car would get stuck and I would have to call my husband to rescue me. As I carefully made my way along the road I could not help but notice the height of the river Wid, this river runs beside the road   Continue reading…

We’re Invisible!


…….by Jodie Brenner

I noticed during one of the Reiki I classes at Synergy Animal Hospice that the Sheriff’s department had placed a pregnant mare and two other horses on the shared property of the Animal Hospice.

We were told we could offer Reiki to the horses, but we were not allowed in the gated area, which led to their locked paddocks. The second day of class we offered Reiki to the horses and positioned ourselves along the back fenced area. The wire fence was about 8 feet tall and the horses could see us and actually touch us if they came down to that part of their paddocks. The horses seemed very curious and accepting of 5 people offering them Reiki. We felt the pregnant mare was totally immersing herself and her unborn baby in the Reiki.

A couple of weeks later one of my students, who is   Continue reading…

Caring For The Caregivers


..posted by John Sawyer

One of the many wonderful things about Reiki is its ability to heal the healer, so to speak. As we offer Reiki to others, the energy flowing through us benefits us, as well. This is one aspect of Reiki that makes it ideal for shelters and rescue organizations.

As I mentioned in my last post, when we offer Reiki to the animals in the shelters in which we volunteer, it is equally important to be mindful of the staff and volunteers who care for the animals. As anyone who has worked with animal rescues knows, it is a never-ending task. There are always more animals in need than resources available. As a result, overwhelm and burnout are very common among rescue workers. This is one reason SARA is dedicated to teaching Reiki to shelter workers.

Reiki is as much a way of living as a   Continue reading…