My relationship with Remus


…………….………… By Caroline Thomas

I am writing this blog from my sick bed. Unfortunately I have had to have an operation recently so I am feeling a little sorry for myself. I have had lots of lovely Reiki sent to me, which has really helped me to feel better and inspired me to write this blog as best I can. Whilst in hospital I received some beautiful texts from Sue at Remus, they really showed that she cared about my well being. I started to think about the relationship and bond I have formed with Sue over the last three years. It has been a wonderful adventure which has only got better since Remus and myself became members of SARA, my professional relationship has grown enormously.

A relationship can be termed as a association or connection, I definitely feel connected to all those at Remus. It has been a   Continue reading…

Our Animal Teachers – Learning From Larry

Larry seemed not to be interested in Reiki. To the contrary he was not interested in the way I was presenting Reiki to him…   Continue reading…