Loud Noises and Border Collies


Sessan is a lovely 12 year old border collie. Her companion, Kinna, asked me to work with her this past summer for several reasons. For most of her life, Sessan suffered from skin allergies and, like many of her breed, fear of loud or unexpected noises such as thunder and gunfire. In addition, she had parasites in her throat when she was younger. Kinna has kept her on a special diet to ease her allergy symptoms, but needed help with Sessan’s fear of noises. When Sessan was startled, she would bark, escalating to a point where it appeared she could not stop herself. When a thunderstorm was brewing Kinna would have to sit in the hallway, away from windows and hold Sessan. Often, Sessan would seek refuge in the tub.

Our first session together was interesting. When I arrived Sessan came right up to me and looked me   Continue reading…

Annie Oakley’s Lesson – Listen to the Animals

Annie Oakley


“Lots of people talk to animals…Not very many listen, though…That’s the problem.” ~ Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh

One of my best Reiki teachers is my husband’s buddy, Annie Oakley, a 9-year old black Labrador Retriever, who taught me the value of listening to animals through Reiki. Annie & I first experienced Reiki together after she ruptured the ACL in her left knee in the summer of 2007. This was a rough time for Annie. Physically, she experienced pain and limping. And during her 3-month recovery from surgery, she became sad and discouraged from not being able to go for a walk and run and play.

I offered Reiki to Annie as we prepared for her surgery and continued regularly throughout her recovery. I initially used a hands-on approach with her, and after only a few minutes, she got up and walked away into another room. The next   Continue reading…

Group Healing


Remus Healing Group

Over the last year and a half, I have been lucky enough to meet other Reiki practitioners. It was through these various meetings that I decided to set up a healing group following the SARA principles. My group meets once every two months; due to some of the practitioners having to travel from a far. We are all of differing experience and backgrounds, but we all have a deep love of animals and we all want to give something back to these wonderful creatures.

As was usual we met at Remus last Saturday afternoon, armed with coats jumpers and scarves, it was very cold! We like to, meet at this time as it is just after the animals have been fed and watered. Normally they are all settled in their fields or shelters by this point. We like to have a chat before we start   Continue reading…

It’s His Ears!


Three of us used to meet at Guide Dogs for the Blind once a month and offer Reiki to the dogs in training. The dogs that the organization selected for Reiki treatments would have a particular issue, physical, behavioral, or emotional.

I was fairly new to Reiki—still feeling my way with the energy. I was happy just being able to feel the Reiki energy flowing, hoping somewhere along the line to get more of an intuitive feeling about an animal’s actual situation. I knew something was happening, however, by the reactions of the animals during the sessions.

The other person in our trio, I’ll call Bea, had more experience working with Reiki and with animals than I. The third person, Kathleen Prasad, had much more experience. She was, in fact, my animal Reiki teacher.

On this one particular day, a dog was brought in to us   Continue reading…

The Pet Guardian Program at the APF


My shelter, the Animal Protective Foundation (APF) of Scotia, NY in cooperation with the Schenectady (NY) Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) sponsors the Pet Guardian Program. Basically, the APF takes in pets belonging to battered, abused or otherwise compromised women who seek shelter at the YWCA. The APF provides for the care and feeding of these pets in a secure environment, accessible to the women and select APF personnel. As the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) representative at the APF, I approached APF management and proposed that Reiki be offered to these animals. The APF agreed and granted me and my wife (also a Reiki Master) access to these pets.

As we entered the room used for housing these pets, we found two dogs (one female about two years old and one male about six years of age) and a Cockatiel. Randomly my wife selected   Continue reading…

An Unexpected Reiki Gift from a Ball Python



I had an incredible experience on January 11th, 2009 when my husband and I attended an event called “Eagle Days” in Smithville, Missouri, to learn about bald eagles. The first thing that I saw when we entered was a snake exhibit and my usual response is to pivot and head in the opposite direction whenever I see a snake! But for some reason, I headed straight towards it!

It may be because an eleven year old girl was standing there with a ball python wrapped around each of her wrists. After many questions, I found out she had visited the day before, and the volunteers noticed how natural she was with the snakes and had asked her to help out the following day. Amazing but true!

As we were talking, a four-year old boy came up and asked her if he could hold one. He did, and handed it   Continue reading…

An Incredible Trip To The Popcorn Zoo

Princess the Camel


I went to the zoo last week with two animal communicators who have extraordinary gifts. We visited Popcorn Zoo in Forked River, NJ spending time with an exceptionally compassionate man, John Bergman, who has been involved with the Humane Society for over thirty years and has helped create the zoo over this span of time as a variety of exotic and other animals came under his care.

I am completely indebted to the two animal communicators, who wish to be anonymous, for this brief submission and my sister, Agnes, who took pictures during our visit. I am going to let the conversations between the communicators and the animals tell their own story with an occasional picture. Enjoy!!

I am going to depict the conversations as received from Communicator M who is very attuned to what animals wish to communicate and Communicator K who has the gift to speak to   Continue reading…

Healing Puddin’


Puddin’ is a five year old male Calico cat adopted from a local animal shelter. The first time I met Puddin’ he was having a tough day. He had recently injured both front paws in an unexplained accident, losing several claws and bleeding intermittently. He had become skittish, would not allow anyone to touch his paws and had become unresponsive to his care person’s commands.

Puddin also had issues with veterinarians. When he sensed that’s where he was headed he growled, hissed, fussed and could not (and would not) be handled. In addition, his care person indicated that she was going through a very stressful time in her life, having recently moved into the house, agreed to foster a therapy dog candidate and changed jobs. She explained that Puddin’s behavior was adding to the already high level of stress she was experiencing.

I gave Puddin’ a Reiki treatment immediately   Continue reading…

Killian’s Story


Killian is an eleven-year-old Rotweiller. Her health had declined sharply during the past year. She was in constant pain despite medication. Walking was a huge effort and putting any weight on her front left leg was close to impossible.

Her family is my niece, Ginny, her eight year old son, Logan, her 4 year old daughter, Maria and an adorable pug named. Chewy. Ginny asked me to offer Reiki to Killian the day before she was to be euthanized. Both Logan and Maria wanted to participate.

Killian was also depressed over the unexpected death two months earlier of her twin sister, Amber. In addition, Ginny was going through a divorce and the family was in turmoil.

When I arrived at their house, I was shocked at Killian’s appearance. She looked so small and caved in. She hadn’t been able to stand and relieve herself for almost 24 hours. She   Continue reading…