When Illness Hits Home


Recently, after a busy period of traveling, I returned to find that Murphy our 16 year old kitty had lost a surprising amount of weight. In addition to the weight loss, he seemed lethargic. He wasn’t coming into the kitchen to beg for treats and he wasn’t interested in having his daily Reiki session. In fact, he rarely moved from his little bed in front of the woodstove. We have seen this behavior with him to a lesser degree but usually it would only last for a day and just as we would be discussing making the vet appointment he would return to his old self. This time we made the appointment and I took him in.

Murphy gets terribly stressed when we go to the vet. On the suggestion of vet and SARA member Bernie Fischer I gave him a dose of the flower essence Rescue Remedy®. Normally   Continue reading…

Buster’s Reiki Routine


Buster is one of the many beautiful, amazing and hard working horses at Forward Stride, a center that offers therapeutic horseback riding for people with special needs. I volunteer there on Sundays doing turnout (aka: putting them out in their pastures), stall cleaning, and Reiki.

I started volunteering at Forward Stride because I didn’t really know anything about horses and wanted to learn more about them. I had offered Reiki to a few horses before coming to Forward Stride, but I really wanted the opportunity to spend more time with them to interact and connect on a deeper level.

One Sunday as I was checking the message board for any special notes about the horses, I learned that Buster was on stall rest because another horse had kicked his left, rear leg. After turnout of the other horses and a bit of stall cleaning with my awesome, volunteer   Continue reading…

Montana’s Christmas Miracle


It was late December 2009, a few days before Christmas and the weather forecast was for heavy snow with over two feet of snow expected to fall. This was very unusual for Virginia to receive such significant amounts of snow, so my husband thought it best to gather quite a bit of firewood in case we lost power. The snow was already accumulating and beginning to fall quite heavily.

Our three dogs loved to play in the snow especially our Alaskan Malamute mix, Montana. So I let him outside along with his brother, our Beagle mix, Mr. Bojangles. I kept the youngest, our six month old Pit Bull mix, Tony inside with me because I still needed to watch him closely if he was not inside our fence. Since the gentle snowfall had turned to blizzard conditions and our street was impassable to traffic, I felt the other two   Continue reading…

Hearing Chewy


Sometimes I wonder if we miss what our animal teachers are saying amidst the rush to complete a class or finish a task. Maybe we take their participation for granted. This is a lesson Chewy, a 6 year old rescued pug, taught me.

I had just finished teaching a two day animal Reiki for Reiki practitioners class in Pennsylvania and began gathering up my books and teaching props, one of which included the picture of Chewy enjoying her Reiki treatment with her person. I reflected on what a great illustration this picture was for demonstrating a simple and comfortable way to offer Reiki to an animal.

An e-mail arrived when I returned home informing me that Chewy had died. She had been hit and run over in her own driveway by someone who sped off and left her.

I thought of the time I met Chewy at   Continue reading…

Reiki Heals a Sore Hoof


The day started out as any other with me grooming my paint horse Kodiak. I grabbed his right hind hoof to clean it out and suddenly noticed a really big pointed rock stuck between his shoe and his hoof. “Uh oh,” I thought to myself. This didn’t look good.

Sure enough, by the next day Kodiak was head-bobbing lame. Really, really sore. My trainer palpated his hoof with her hoof tester, and sure enough, he was extremely painful in the area where the rock had been stuck as well as the whole bulb and back part of his hoof. He officially had a stone bruise. Having worked with many horses over the years I knew what that meant—weeks or perhaps months of soreness—in other words, a long road to healing.

As I soaked his hoof in warm water and epsom salts I stood several feet away and offered him   Continue reading…

Baby Reindeer – Passage into Spirit


Friends of mine are licensed to raise reindeer on their farm. I was called one day regarding a baby reindeer having difficulty in breathing and not eating or drinking. On arrival at the barn I found the baby reindeer in a small pen, barely standing on skinny, wobbly legs, wheezing and shaking badly. My friend indicated that the veterinarian had seen the baby reindeer and could not come up with a diagnosis at that time. I went into the pen and offered reiki to the baby reindeer.

The baby reindeer turned to look at me, but did not seem to mind my presence in its “space.” In a short time the baby reindeer’s breathing became much more regular, the shaking stopped and the animal began to eat and drink. As the treatment progressed, the other reindeer in the herd, including the baby reindeer’s mother and father, turned and focused   Continue reading…