Get Down (on the) Sidewalk Reiki for Animals


After several unsuccessful attempts to introduce reiki into my local animal shelter I was frustrated. I so wanted to offer the healing benefits of Reiki to the shelter pets – what to do? Divine intervention took over.

In my local food store was a flyer for Homeward Bound, a local dog rescue organization that “showed” their pets on the sidewalk in front of the local PetsMart. I decided to give it a whirl, went to the next showing, approached the registration table, introduced myself to Tamara (the manager) and asked – Can I offer Reiki to these dogs? There will be no charge. I want to help these dogs get adopted.

“What is Reiki?”, she asked, “and what can it do for these dogs?”

I gave the explanation and the manager was all for it. “I don’t know anything about Reiki but if it can help these dogs,   Continue reading…

Some Reiki Maintenance For Oliver


Oliver is a very handsome, loving, orange tabby cat that I have known for about 9 years. He is the animal companion of one of my best friends and her family. When Oliver first joined the family there was just two human children. Now there are four and they are all boys. The two oldest boys are 12 and 14 and the youngest are 2 and 3.

About 2 years ago my friend called me to ask if I could offer some Reiki for Oliver. She said he had started having some significant behavior changes. He was going to the bathroom in the house outside of his litter box. Specifically, he was doing this in the bedroom shared by the two youngest boys. Oliver had also become very grouchy and would bat at the little ones (luckily without his claws), and would bite and claw at the parents and   Continue reading…

A Lesson From Five Cats

HEA Reiki 1 Class 02-05-2011

Tweet Level I Reiki and Animal Reiki Class at Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary

I had the privilege of teaching a Level 1 Reiki and Animal Reiki class with eight volunteers and staff at Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary’s Green Bay Adoption Center near historic Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers. After creatively planning around the NFL playoff schedule and other sanctuary events, the final class session was held on February 5, 2011, the day before the Packers won Super Bowl XLV. Even with the excitement and anticipation of the Super Bowl the next day, we successfully completed the class and received a valuable, basic lesson from five beautiful cats.

The lesson taught by the five cats is that we want to allow each animal to choose how they wish to receive Reiki energy at that time. For a guided treatment, the cats were brought into   Continue reading…