Reiki and Hair Loss in Cats


There are two cat rooms at Rutland County Humane Society where I volunteer every week. Each room has ten or more cats in it. They have all kinds of climbing places and hiding spots and a window to a nice little screened in porch. When I go into the cat room, I take a seat and announce to all the little lovelies that it is Reiki time and that they are welcome to receive as much or as little as they want. I then set the intention that the session is for the highest good of all of us and that whoever needs Reiki gets what they need. I breathe deeply into my hara and imagine the energy expanding out into every corner of the room.

Daisy was a funny little tortoiseshell kitty. When she arrived at RCHS she was missing fur from her lower body due to a   Continue reading…

The Stress Bank


Ruby and Peggy

Ruby and Bimbo

The first thing I would like to do is to tell you about the amazing award that Remus Sanctuary won on 4th March 2011. They won at the Wetnose Awards as the best Horse and Donkey Sanctuary in the United Kingdom. Well done Remus!

It made me think about what makes Remus different and great at what they do, in this blog I would like to give my opinion on what I think makes them truly amazing and how Reiki has been part of this wonderful journey too.

I feel Reiki is amazing at releasing past trauma, helping with injuries and aiding relaxation. However without understanding the whole situation, Reiki will be like a sticking plaster holding things together, if an animal is in a daily stressful situation, it makes the job we are trying to achieve a hundred times more   Continue reading…

Reiki for Blackie


In September 2007, my dog, Blackie, was constantly licking his left forearm, so I took a closer look and there was a three inch cut. I had a flashback that he had the exact same cut on the same arm the previous year, and we had taken him to a vet because it was infected, and they gave me an orange ointment to apply. I remember him shrieking when we put it on, and I was really reluctant to continue but the cut did heal.

I also remembered the vet saying that it was good for him to continue to lick his arm, because their saliva had healing properties. So, for this cut I allowed him to lick, and prayed for it to heal.

The next day, I noticed the area was red and puffy and he continued to lick his arm. The following day, he was losing his   Continue reading…