You Want Reiki Where?


Recently, I had the honor of working with a lovely little Chihuahua named Billy. He had been brought to Rutland County Humane Society after roaming the streets for a while. The staff thought he was around 8 years old. When I met him he was lying in a little bed on the floor of the front office recovering from surgery. He had been to the vet to be neutered and he also had dental work done.

I started off in a chair across the room from him. I wanted to be sure he had plenty of space and wasn’t threatened by me. He looked weary. With his little head on his paws, he kept an eye on me. I spoke softly to him, letting him know about Reiki and what I was offering. I also told him he could choose not to have Reiki if he wished. I set   Continue reading…

Saving Star



Being able to work with so many animals at Remus has been a privledge and an honour. Recently, with the help of many other Reiki practitioners we were able to help a shetland pony called Star. She is a beautiful pony who I have worked with for over three years, with such an out going character. She would often get me into trouble when I would be offering herbs to the other ponies, she’d sneak up behind me, catch me un-awares, cause me to drop the bowls, so she could munch merrily on her favourite herbs. She caught me out every time, how ever well prepared I thought I was. Bless her little cotton hooves.

Just after Christmas she became very poorly with acute Laminitis, it was so painful she found it very difficult to walk, she’d spend most of her day in her stable lying down.   Continue reading…