Help From A Caterpillar


Waking up early on a Sunday morning in Stockton, MO on a camping trip, I told my husband that I had wanted to see the water pier by taking a walk. He was very surprised, since I was three and a half months pregnant experiencing constant morning sickness. But this morning I was determined to go, even if I had to walk at a snail’s pace.

During the walk, there were literally hundreds of butterflies flittering nearby, as well as lots of caterpillars crossing our path. I had to sit down on the ground every now and then to catch my breath, and to regain my center of gravity before I returned to my goal of seeing that water pier!

Within a half an hour, we were able to sit on a huge stone to enjoy the water pier scenery. We made it! WOO-HOO!

On the way back, I   Continue reading…

Reiki in the Cat Intake Room


My favorite places at Rutland County Humane Society (RCHS) are the cat rooms. I truly enjoy watching the comings and goings, the different personalities, and the fights and love fests as boundaries are tested and friends are made. Offering Reiki in a room with many cats can be challenging with these distractions and it is important to maintain focus during a session.

Before cats get to the cat room at RCHS they are held in kennels in the intake room. Here they are kept from the general population as their health is checked out or they await spay/neuter appointments. The cats in this room are both surrenders and strays. Usually, there is a mix with a maximum of about 15 cats. Cats are in varying degrees of stress in this room; many times they are hiding in a box or behind a towel draped over the front of the   Continue reading…