Who Helped Whom?


Imagine standing next to a horse, and immediately being led to place your body into a Mountain Pose. Meeting Joe Black for the first time, this is what I did with my right hand placed on my heart and my left hand placed above his shoulder. During this Mountain Pose, the word “Yogi” came to mind.

Joe Black is a beautiful nine year old black Percheron who was rescued by Changing Leads Equine Rescue, just days before I came to offer him Animal Reiki. His presence commands respect, even though he’s 600 pounds underweight.

After I had introduced myself, I sat a short distance from him because he was still eating his alfalfa cubes; I wanted to give him space. After thirty minutes of offering Animal Reiki, my heart did a little leap when this gentle giant walked over to sniff my hands. Afterwards he slowly pivoted and   Continue reading…

Meeting Frans Stiene


I was very lucky to meet Frans Stiene and to be taught my Shinpiden level by him. Being introduced to his books by

Frans Stiene and me

Kathleen a few years ago, I found his and his wife’s whole understanding of Reiki to be a breath of fresh air. I arrived in the Cotswolds in early October of this year (2011). I had travelled across England by train, bus and then taxi. The venue for this Shinpiden workshop was in the middle of no where, making it very difficult for the taxi driver to find, eventually after asking someone in Winchcomb village I landed at my destination. I was staying at the Stable Cottages, Ireley grounds which were located next to the main house which was a beautiful Cotswold house.

I unpacked my things, and sat outside in the beautiful sunshine waiting for more people to arrive, as   Continue reading…