Being a SARA Teacher in the UK

SARA Students in the UK. Christmas 11


Me with my SARA students

I am very proud to be a SARA teacher in the UK and work very closely with Remus Horse Sanctuary in Essex. I have a wonderful relationship with Sue Burton who is the founder of Remus, together we are aiming for Remus to be a SARA Reiki Centre of excellence. It has been journey of two people having a mutual respect of one another and also a love of animals.

Teaching the SARA Reiki manual to students is truly wonderful, the manual is amazing and the teachings follow traditional Japanese Reiki techniques as sourced by Frans and Bronwen Steine of the International House of Reiki. The manual is beautifully written and is the first Japanese Animal Reiki manual of it’s kind here in the UK. My students love the manual and there are lots of Animal Reiki articles too to help them in   Continue reading…