Offering Reiki to the oldest horse in the world!


Shayne is a horse at Remus Horse Sanctuary and he happens to be the oldest horse  in the world. He is 52 years of age and still looks amazing for his many years here on this earth. Shayne became a bit of a celebrity a few months ago, as all of the tabloid papers in the UK wanted to write about him, they descended on Remus in droves and happily photographed him as he trotted proudly around the field. This did put Remus on the map and was a huge sensation but unfortunately it did not mean more donations for the Sanctuary, instead more people phoning up to re-home their elderly horses.

Remus through diet, dental care, blacksmiths, veterinary and holistic care are able to care for many of their horses expertly, who are in their 30′s, 40′s and of course Shayne who is in his 50′s. They strive to give their animals the best possible environment to thrive in. Age is just a number and not a death sentence, each animal is looked after on their own merits and not tossed aside because they have become too expensive to keep.

I would like to say that Shayne was on my weekly reiki healing list and that I had been working with him for the last 4 years, unfortunately for me this was not the case as he has had such good health. For all of the time I have been at Remus he has not needed any Reiki. The first time, I offered reiki to Shayne he was in his stable, he was very dismissive and made it clear that he was not going to be part of this connection.  At 52 this was his first experience of reiki and I can only suspect that he needed to check it out, have a think about it and to process it. The next time I offered him Reik, he was in a small field on his own.  As I entered the field I could see that he was was very suspicious of me,  seeing his uncertainty I stood at the edge and offered the Reiki into the field. I stood quietly and watched him move slowly towards me, he was still unsure but with more confidence he entered into the reiki space. I kept my head low and did not make eye contact with him as he found this threatening. He edged his way up to me and slowly moved his head into my hands. Gently and with much stillness I held his head as he drifted into the reiki zone. After a while he realised his vulnerability and quickly moved away to the end of the field. With each reiki session I have had with him he has become more trusting of me. He now watches me with much interest and picks up on the reiki connection straight away.

Shayne has seen many things during his long life and as far as we are aware has always had good owners. He is a lovely old boy, who still has his good looks. Reiki I feel has given him the space and time to totally relax and and let go. He definitely seems more chilled and I am sure he looks forward to our weekly reiki sessions. I always respect his wishes and give him his space, we acknowledge each other from a distance which I know he wants. I say “hi” and “bye” and in between this, is a shared love of reiki.


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  • Caroline, what a beautiful account of your Reiki sessions with Shayne. Thank you for sharing.

  • amazing story of an amazingly spiritual animal. The stories he can tell. Love the work you do and so love Reiki. Just finished a class with Kathleen Prasad at the animal healing center for senior, special needs and disabled animals in the U.S. (Santa Rosa) Transformational.

  • These older animals have so much to teach us, as they have so much wisdom. Heather! Shayne today has opened up and was very trusting of my SARA students. Kate! brilliant you have had a class with Kathleen. She is truly inspirational and a wonderful forward thinking reiki teacher, who’s focus is always on the animals. I learnt reiki the western way and was taught hands on and this chakra and that chakra. It never felt quite right. Kathleen’s understanding of animals and reiki has turned reiki on it’s head at Remus with AMAZING results.

  • Amazing story of using Reiki on Shayne, truely a wonderful animal, and to have lived so long, what a dream to have such a lovely horse.

  • Camille Pukay

    Shayne certainly brought me lots of wisdom through this story. Thanks to Caroline for sharing!

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