Miracle Jubilee baby

Preparations Miracle babywere in full swing on the week before the Queens Jubilee, an optimistic mood was spreading around the country and for once in a long while England was feeling good after a long winter of financial struggle. At Remus too, as every single day of the year, the early morning checks were done to see that all of the animals were fine. A little surprise was found that changed the energy  around Remus too. Found nestled with his mother was a baby lamb, who over night  had been born, with no one even knowing his mummy was pregnant. A miracle seeing as there are NO intact male sheep at Remus, so it was impossible for Quinn sheep to be pregnant. After much scratching of heads, it is thought that she must have been pregnant before she came to Remus as she was one of the newer sheep.

Arriving at Remus I can honestly say that I could  feel a buzz and a feeling of optimism. As it was already, there had been massive changes to Remus, with new fencing and new walls being built. Everyone was busy getting ready for the ‘Open Day’ and everyone seemed really happy. As usual, I met with Sue to discuss which animals needed Reiki for that day. She quickly took me to one side and asked me to follow her to the sheep pens. What I saw, took my breath away as this was the first time that I had seen new life at Remus. A baby lamb snuggled with his mummy.  I just could not get over  this beautiful baby lamb and how he made me feel, new life has a very powerful energy. We discussed how Dylan would be able to spend the rest of his life with his mum and be able to have a full life being supported by the other sheep too. This is so rare, as lambs are slaughtered for the dinner table and taken away from their grieving mums, without a thought for how they would be feeling. Can you imagine having your child taken away from you, with no explanation or reason?

Offering Reiki to a new mother and baby was a first for me, after offering Reiki to the other animals I returned to the sheep pens and sat quietly on the floor. I placed myself outside of the pen and bowed my head as I offered Reiki out into the space. At first Quinn had been moving in circles with Dylan but after a few minutes she lay down on a comfy bed of straw. Dylan pushed into his mum and they both went into a deep Reiki sleep, breathing deeply and strongly. As I sat in the Reiki space, other sheep surrounded me and nibbled at my sleeve. After about 20 minutes Quinn moved off to find some hay and Dylan followed closely behind. I still sat on the cold stone floor for a further 10 minutes, taking in this amazing experience. I just wanted to savour every single second. Baby Dylan was now truly a SARA Reiki baby and this was the first of the many Reiki treatments he would receive throughout his long life and I had been so priviledged to be the first person to offer this.

With Kathleen’s visit to Remus this September, Dylan will be there to greet all of her students. This is Kathleen’s first visit to the UK to teach and is a once in a life time experience. Dylan has brought much hope to Remus and is really looking forward to meeting Kathleen and Leah. He is a great symbol of anticipation for the future and brings to Remus a new feeling of renewed energy to move forward into an even more positive future. Place’s for Kathleen’s Classes at Remus Horse Sancturay Essex can be booked through her website.




5 comments to Miracle Jubilee baby

  • Caroline that is a beautiful story, so touching…thank you for sharing.

  • Yes! such a beautiful story as maybe Quinn would have been kept and not given to Remus if her owners had known she was pregnant. I dread to think what would have happened to Dylan. I just felt so blessed to be able to connect to such a new life:-))

  • Heidi Bohme

    Caroline, that’s lovely! It captures the essence of Remus perfectly and I’m so proud to be a part of SARA and work with the Remus animals. It was wonderful to meet little Dylan and I’m so happy he will be able to spend his life being cared for and loved, which, unfortunately most lambs could only dream of xxx

  • Heidi! Dylan does capture the true essence of Remus and represents every thing they do. Animals come first and everything else is just part of putting the animals first.Brillant that you will be doing the equine class with Kathleen in September:-)) xXx

  • Camille Pukay

    Beautiful story Caroline. I’m excited for Kathleen to come to Remus to teach…that will be exciting for everyone!

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