A lesson in seeing from the heart!

DaveyKathleen has just been to Remus teaching Animal Reiki, whilst there she gave an amazing talk to the public.  She asked the truly powerful question ‘What is Reiki’? As I listened intently to the answer  she said that Reiki was ‘Compassion and Wisdom!’ The response was contemplated as to what it meant to us collectively and individually.  What could be more powerful than compassion? How easy is it to be compassionate? What does compassion mean to me? It sounded very simple but on a deeper level there are many layers to finding true compassion, which I was later going to find out.

I attended Kathleen’s Animal Reiki teaching workshop, where I found Kathleen’s teaching profoundly moving. We were able to offer many animal treatments to the Remus animals intermingled with many Reiki lessons. On the second day we were urgently called to work with Davey; a donkey that had recently had major surgery and was now showing signs of being ill. The vet was on the way, so we all stood and offered Reiki, he was off his food and paced the stable as we all stood outside. After a while he calmed and had a wee and a poo, which was very positive. As we carried on offering Reiki Davey started to back up to us with his bottom, then he moved forward and lifted his left hind hoof to show us where the pain was. It was so amazing that he was able to show us his discomfort and we were able to share in this experience.

As we finished offering Reiki, I began to talk about Davey and the operation he had just had. Almost instantly Davey became agitated and unsettled. At this point Kathleen said that we were there to hold the Reiki space for him with ‘no judgement and that we needed to see Davey with our hearts and not with our eyes. It was a huge light bulb moment for me and I immediately felt sadness and embarrassment that I had been looking at Davey with sympathy and talking about him without any consideration that he could be listening.  I could not see the sunny soul that was still shining brightly beneath. Davey was not defined by his illness or condition but by his ‘spirit’. As we returned to class it immediately dawned on me what the meaning of ‘Compassion’ truly meant. I returned to Davey a few more times to offer Reiki, firstly to apologise and secondly to offer a Reiki space where he had the opportunity to just ‘be’ Davey on any level.

Looking with your heart can be a difficult thing to do, as humans we are conditioned to only see what is on the surface. This experience shifted something inside of me and really made me think about the Reiki precepts in depth and my whole Reiki Practice. I have a lot to work on and am very grateful that Davey was able to teach me the meaning of Compassion.

The lessons that I learnt from Davey helped me in my own personal life, as not long after the workshop with Kathleen. My father took a turn for the worse and I had to rush back to Ireland. He was dying, his kidneys were failing and as he lay there hooked up to a drip, his life force energy was slowly dripping away. His skin was grey and his eyes were lifeless, I just knew I had to be calm. In that moment I chanted the 4th symbol in my head and just held the Reiki space for him. I saw his soul sparkle even though his body was weak. For the next few days I held the Reiki space for him, letting go of any expectation or outcome. What happened was that a different Dr came and offered him a different kind of treatment,  which allowed his life force energy to strengthen. Seeing with your heart and not with your eyes and holding the Reiki space was a huge lesson from Davey. My father is so much better now, although it is still a day at a time. I am so grateful to Davey for teaching me to ‘see with my heart’ <3

Kathleen’s reiki Class’s are always thought provoking, always mindful and always about the animal. She is able to teach  in a way, that you are able to find your own Reiki journey but also to learn your own Reiki lessons in your own time. The class’s are always life changing and sometimes  the mat from under your feet will be shaken so  hard that you have to reflect on your own life. The biggest lesson is to let the animals teach, be humble and to just ‘be’. Easier said than done, so that is why I have a daily Reiki Practice and literally Practice, Practice, Practice.

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  • I believe Reiki takes you an amazing journey of self-discovery and self-realization. When I first started practicing, I had no idea of how in depth my whole life would become. I am still on this journey, I don’t think it ever ends. I have discovered animals like never before and it does all lead back to thinking with my heart instead of my head! Thanks for sharing! Blessings

  • It was a profound lesson for me and taught me about compassion. I have worked with many Rescue animals and have worked with Davey often before. If only I had allowed myself to truly listen and to see them with my heart and not just with my eyes. Yes! This lesson is edged in my heart. Thanks so much for your kind comment <3

  • Thank you Paula:-)) I have used this lesson recently with my father who was really poorly. See beyond what we see to see from the heart <3 xXx

  • Ann Noyce

    Thank you for sharing Caroline. This is a beautiful reminder that we need to see the animal with our Reiki eyes (i.e. our hearts), as Kathleen has said so many times. Having this right mindset can be difficult for me also. Reiki and animals is a life-long journey with many lessons along the way. I needed this reminder today as I have two sick dogs right now, and it is easy to focus on their illness and feel sorry for them rather than seeing their sweet spirits. Thank you again for this lesson from Davey (and you)!

  • What a lovely story, beautiful teachings (and donkeys are one of my special animal connections). Every time we open our heart with compassion it feels like it puts another little light in the universe.

    To bring worry or focus on illness into the healing space with animals works against their innate wisdom to accept their body and its processes, heal if they are able or be with moving into leaving their body. But of course that is our human lesson to learn, and one of their many teachings for us.

    I dream of the day great vets start doing Reiki, and sit in a Reiki space for even 5 minutes before working on our pet. What a wonderful world that would be!

  • I have updated this blog as Davey had a huge impact on my own personal life. Thankyou for reading it, as he taught me about being very humble too <3 xXx

  • Phyllis Shadwick

    I volunteer at 2 shelters, one for dogs and one for cats-both are no-kill. The shelter for dogs takes dogs who have often been abused and often are agressive and difficult to place for adoption. I feel bad for them and the life they live; this will help me change the way I see them-as beautiful, bright souls. Some of the dogs I have offered Reiki have been adopted and the staff feels the Reiki has helped. The shelter for cats has over 200 cats; many have been returned after being adopted; this is the most difficult for me as I see their sadness and fear. I will now focus on their bright souls and see them as whole and lovely. I knew this before but it is hard to remember as I look into their eyes and see the sadness. So thank you!

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