Reiki Helps Tropical Fish Adapt to Their New Environment by Ann Noyce

Squigglys with BuddhaWe recently added a fish tank and tropical fish to our household. If you think about it, changing the environment for fish is really no different than introducing a new dog or a cat into the household. Just like dogs and cats, it can take fish some time to adapt to their new environment.  Their world is disrupted; the water is different, the lighting may be different, their food may be different, and there are different fish that they are now living with.  They will go through a period of adjustment as they settle in to their new home, and each fish will respond differently.

Our fish seemed to adapt fairly quickly; but one, a bottom-feeding albino corydora, was very stressed and did not adapt as easily as the others.  “Squiggly”, as we affectionately call her, would swim (the cory swim looks like a wiggle) erratically around the edge of the tank; around and around and around, day after day.  We also noticed that she didn’t seem to be eating like the others.  After about a week, the erratic swimming stopped; she just rested on the bottom (corys also rest on the bottom) and didn’t swim much at all.  Something just didn’t seem right with little Squiggly.

One evening, I decided to offer Reiki to Squiggly, actually to all of the fish in the tank.  Two of the fish came forward right away and stayed right in front of me for the entire treatment.  Others continued swimming around the tank, taking turns coming forward to connect with me.  They would stop right in front of me and look intently at me for a couple of minutes.  Similar to other animals, the fish were truly open to the energy.

Squiggly with Pagoda

Squiggly was resting quietly on the bottom toward the back of the tank for most of the treatment.  As I was about to finish the treatment, Squigglybegan swimming around the tank; she was now swimming steadily and interacting with the other fish; this continued for the rest of the evening.  And, the next morning Squiggly ate along with the other fish; she was right in there with the other bottom feeding fish making sure she got her share of the food!  After a scare the next day when we could not find her in the tank, Squiggly continues to swim normally and eat regularly; she has adapted to her new home.

Tropical fish are really no different than other animals in their openness to receiving Reiki.  Reiki helped Squiggly overcome the stress of being in a new environment.  Just as Reiki can help reduce stress in the fish tank, Reiki also can help dogs, cats and other animals cope with any type of stress they may experience, including adapting to a new home or situation.

-Ann Noyce, SARA Teacher

Tiggy and Lymes Disease by Tina Read

Tiggy catI had an amazing experience with a cat client recently, their person called me as the Vet had said that there was nothing else they could do for Tiggy other than to put him to sleep.  The person did not feel he was ready for this and when she was sitting quietly with him she heard Tiggy say the word Reiki to her, she knew nothing about Reiki at this point but decided to look into it and found me through the internet.

When I first met Tiggy he did not move from his bed, his back and front legs kept going from under him and he was very quiet and his pupils were large the whole time.  He was on pain relief but no one knew if this was helping or not.  He allowed me feel how he was feeling during the Reiki and loved the Reiki space so much, purring and sleeping peaceful for the first time in ages.

His person told me that she felt Tiggy had Lymes Disease but that the Vets had ruled it out as it is very rare in cats and almost impossible to diagnose, I said to her to follow her intuition and trust herself.  A week or so later she had heard the words Lymes Disease in the same way she heard Reiki.  This was a process for her and part of her own personal journey and later as her confidence built she spoke up to the Vet and said she would like him to be treated for Lymes Disease.

Tiggy and Ozzy CuddlingEach time Tiggy was in the Reiki space he looked brighter and his person and I worked together on visualising him in perfect health and walking, playing and enjoying life.  Tiggy had only been with the family a few months and the other cats had never really accepted him, he did not seem to conform to the normal kitty etiquette, after the second or third session I had a call from the person to say that Tiggy and Ozzy were cuddled up together and they spent an entire night like this, this was a huge change.

The next time I saw Tiggy he had received his medication for Lymes Disease and he was up and running about, his eyes were normal and he was the majestic Bengal cross I had always seen him as being.

One thing that I haven’t mentioned about Tiggy is that each time I visited I felt the most amazing warmth as if sunshine was beaming at me and the most wonderful feeling of love, I soon realised this was coming from Tiggy, who was showing us, his person and I, such love and compassion.

All the family’s rescue cats enjoyed the Reiki sessions and Mac one of the other kitties adored the Reiki so much he would nuzzle my hands and sit on my knee during the sessions, he had always pulled his fur out in the past but after the first Reiki session this stopped.  I am now working with Mac as he is fearful of some of the other cats but I know that I am also there to bring Reiki to the whole family.  Their person would also like to learn Reiki so I am looking forward to that in the New Year.  I am truly thankful that I have been part of Tiggy’s Reiki journey an know that he has guided the process.

- Tina Read, SARA Teacher

A lesson in seeing from the heart!

DaveyKathleen has just been to Remus teaching Animal Reiki, whilst there she gave an amazing talk to the public.  She asked the truly powerful question ‘What is Reiki’? As I listened intently to the answer  she said that Reiki was ‘Compassion and Wisdom!’ The response was contemplated as to what it meant to us collectively and individually.  What could be more powerful than compassion? How easy is it to be compassionate? What does compassion mean to me? It sounded very simple but on a deeper level there are many layers to finding true compassion, which I was later going to find out.

I attended Kathleen’s Animal Reiki teaching workshop, where I found Kathleen’s teaching profoundly moving. We were able to offer many animal treatments to the Remus animals intermingled with many Reiki lessons. On the second day we were urgently called to work with Davey; a donkey that had recently had major surgery and was now showing signs of being ill. The vet was on the way, so we all stood and offered Reiki, he was off his food and paced the stable as we all stood outside. After a while he calmed and had a wee and a poo, which was very positive. As we carried on offering Reiki Davey started to back up to us with his bottom, then he moved forward and lifted his left hind hoof to show us where the pain was. It was so amazing that he was able to show us his discomfort and we were able to share in this experience.

As we finished offering Reiki, I began to talk about Davey and the operation he had just had. Almost instantly Davey became agitated and unsettled. At this point Kathleen said that we were there to hold the Reiki space for him with ‘no judgement and that we needed to see Davey with our hearts and not with our eyes. It was a huge light bulb moment for me and I immediately felt sadness and embarrassment that I had been looking at Davey with sympathy and talking about him without any consideration that he could be listening.  I could not see the sunny soul that was still shining brightly beneath. Davey was not defined by his illness or condition but by his ‘spirit’. As we returned to class it immediately dawned on me what the meaning of ‘Compassion’ truly meant. I returned to Davey a few more times to offer Reiki, firstly to apologise and secondly to offer a Reiki space where he had the opportunity to just ‘be’ Davey on any level.

Looking with your heart can be a difficult thing to do, as humans we are conditioned to only see what is on the surface. This experience shifted something inside of me and really made me think about the Reiki precepts in depth and my whole Reiki Practice. I have a lot to work on and am very grateful that Davey was able to teach me the meaning of Compassion.

The lessons that I learnt from Davey helped me in my own personal life, as not long after the workshop with Kathleen. My father took a turn for the worse and I had to rush back to Ireland. He was dying, his kidneys were failing and as he lay there hooked up to a drip, his life force energy was slowly dripping away. His skin was grey and his eyes were lifeless, I just knew I had to be calm. In that moment I chanted the 4th symbol in my head and just held the Reiki space for him. I saw his soul sparkle even though his body was weak. For the next few days I held the Reiki space for him, letting go of any expectation or outcome. What happened was that a different Dr came and offered him a different kind of treatment,  which allowed his life force energy to strengthen. Seeing with your heart and not with your eyes and holding the Reiki space was a huge lesson from Davey. My father is so much better now, although it is still a day at a time. I am so grateful to Davey for teaching me to ‘see with my heart’ <3

Kathleen’s reiki Class’s are always thought provoking, always mindful and always about the animal. She is able to teach  in a way, that you are able to find your own Reiki journey but also to learn your own Reiki lessons in your own time. The class’s are always life changing and sometimes  the mat from under your feet will be shaken so  hard that you have to reflect on your own life. The biggest lesson is to let the animals teach, be humble and to just ‘be’. Easier said than done, so that is why I have a daily Reiki Practice and literally Practice, Practice, Practice.

A Reiki Share with the Horses

Reiki Share at Ivelolharele Retirement SantuarySharing will enrich everyone with more knowledge.  ~Ana Monnar

This quote highlights the purpose of a Reiki Share.  It is a time to get together with like-minded people to share our experiences, to learn from each other and to practice and share Reiki with each other and with the animals.  We support each other and grow together in Reiki.

I host a regular Reiki Share for my Animal Reiki students.  We get together every six weeks or so; sometimes we offer Reiki to each other, and other times we take a field trip to offer Reiki to the animals.  On June 9, 2013, we met at Ivelolharele Retirement Sanctuary in Chilton, Wisconsin, to share an afternoon of Reiki with the horses and donkeys.  Everyone had many wonderful Reiki experiences; and I have two that I would like to share.

Smokey and Buddy

Offering Reiki to BuddyTwo of my newer students asked for some guidance as we began the afternoon.  So, we went together to offer Reiki to Smokey and Buddy who were sharing a small pasture near the house.  These two sweet horses along with some other sweet spirits taught my students about just “Being Reiki” and letting go of what might happen.  We sat outside the fence overlooking the countryside.  After I guided us in creating a Reiki space and inviting Smokey and Buddy to join us, we sat in the beautiful healing energy.  Smokey and Buddy moved around a bit as they grazed, but stayed a few feet away sharing the energy with us.

I think my students were hoping the horses would move closer and stand more directly in front of us, but Smokey and Buddy wanted us to have a different experience.  As we sat there in this quiet space, some birds in the evergreen tree next to us moved closer and began chirping very loudly; they were making sure that we knew they had joined us in the energy.  Some insects also joined us, flying in and crawling on our notepads.

Ann and SadieAnd at one point, I happened to look over to my right where Sadie, a very sweet donkey, had been grazing nearby; she was looking at us very intently and quietly connecting with us.  After we finished, the owner of the sanctuary, Jody, shared that as she was taking pictures, she noticed that the cats in the house had all congregated at the window just behind us; they too were connecting with us.  Wow, what a great learning experience for all of us.  If we create a Reiki space and invite all of the animals to connect with us, we are able to assist not only those that we intend to work with, but also any others who may choose to join us.


Ann and CzielloFor our second practice session, I was inspired to spend time with the horses in the barn.  Yoda and Mikey were in their stalls next to each other, and Cziello was across the aisle.  I had worked with Yoda in the past, so I stood in the middle of the aisle facing Yoda and invited all three horses to join me in the Reiki space.  Yoda knew why I was there and stayed at the front of his stall often reaching his head out toward me; he was very sweet and open to the energy.  Just as I was about to move closer to Yoda, he moved back in his stall, and I immediately felt something warm over my left shoulder.  I looked back, and there was Cziello extending his head as far as he could toward me, almost brushing his muzzle against me.  I turned around to face Cziello and moved right in front of him placing my hands under his muzzle. He continued looking directly at me; he would push his muzzle into my hands; he would lift his head and smile; and he would cock his head to one side.  I just stood there mirroring his movements and sharing the moment with him.  Thank you to Cziello for this wonderful experience and for sharing such a beautiful and peaceful connection with me.

I am grateful for all of the wonderful people I have met who share my passion for supporting the well-being of animals through Reiki.  I look forward to our Reiki Shares when we have the opportunity to get together, to experience Reiki and to share and learn and grow together.  And I thank the animals for connecting with us, teaching us and guiding us on our Reiki journeys.

Thank you everyone who joined us at Ivelolharele Retirement Sanctuary – it was an amazing afternoon sharing Reiki with the horses!

Ann Noyce

Liam’s Perfection

 Some rights reserved by Tambako the Jaguar

Some rights reserved by Tambako the Jaguar

Upon entering a bottle-feeding goat petting zoo area, a teeny- tiny lone white goat was curled up against a concrete post underneath a gazebo.   Immediately I was drawn to squat down beside him while my hands rested on my knees 5 inches apart to create a Reiki space.  Telepathically, I stated, “I’m creating a Reiki space.  You are welcome to join and take what you want and leave the rest.”  Within minutes, two black baby goats came up one-by-one to investigate my hands then each one chose to stand on the outside of my hands with their eyes closed known as a “Reiki nap”.  Slowly, I shifted my eyes to the lone goat who introduced himself as “Liam”.  Both of his eyes were crusted shut with a thick substance, yet I saw him as perfection.  He slowly stood up, carefully placed his feet, turned 180 degrees, and walked straight between my knees as he delicately centered his head between my hands.  Tears streamed down my face for although he could not physically see, he knew exactly how and where he wanted to go.  Our shared space transcended time, feeling absolute peace, love beyond words, a complete stillness….a pure energetic connection.

Less than five minutes of him joining me and his two black guardian goats, the crusty substance around his eyes began to loosen and one-by-one chunks fell to the ground.  It was interesting to note that when several other baby goats approached, the two black goats near my hands would wake up, gently guide them away, come back to stand guard with their eyes closed…all in a very respectful manner.

The four of us basked within this pure love space, diminishing our physical bodies to embrace our oneness of perfection of connections of our souls.  A sense of perfection beyond perfection enveloped us.  When Liam was finished, his eyes slowly opened to softly gaze into my eyes while his nose gently nudged my hands to thank me.  He walked back into his space to curl up…only this time he could physically see.

Curiously I looked up the meaning of “Liam” which means “helmet of will and protection”.

Camille Pukay
SARA Animal Reiki Teacher
Animal Reiki Divine, LLC

Lessons From a Moose

Living where I do I have many opportunities to get out in nature.  I like to walk late in the day in hopes of catching the deer or a fox. Every once in a while, the wildlife comes to me.

The MooseBack in the fall I was in my kitchen preparing to go out for the day. When I turned toward the window I was startled to see a full grown moose staring in at me! He was beautiful against the autumn leaves, sporting a full rack and looking for all the world like he belonged there.  My kitchen window is half a floor up so you can get an idea of his height.

Thrilled, I called for my husband then ran furiously around the house trying to locate my camera or cell phone. It’s been my experience that these things are never handy in such a situation.  I have missed photographing a bear and a bobcat looking for that elusive camera!

Meanwhile, my husband was standing at the kitchen window, keeping an eye on our visitor. He was totally enjoying the moment. That’s because he doesn’t have a Facebook page.  As I ran past the window going up the stairs I could see him turning away.  It is my belief that he felt the chaotic energy coming from the house.  In my defense, I did have the presence of mind to thank him for coming.

In the days following the moose’s visit to our dooryard, I have thought a lot about how often I miss the moment. Perhaps I am thinking about the perfect quote that will go with the picture I am about to take, or how pretty this view will look on my website. Whatever plan I have for the thing that has captured my attention, more and more it seems to be about social network sharing.  It’s impossible to be present while doing this.

This wayward moose taught me some valuable lessons:

  • Be in the moment.
  • Enjoy what you have while it’s still here.
  • Having the experience is far better than having the picture.
  • When a moose comes to visit honor his presence by being present.

I never did get the picture. He was heading up the mountain when I finally found the camera. At least my husband had the full experience. Guess I learned something from my husband too.

The irony is not lost on me that this article will appear on a blog.  The photo is a stock photo.

Kelly McDermott-Burns

A Lesson in the Reiki Precepts

Remus has an open day on the first Sunday of each month from May to September. Last year every single one was cancelled due to the heavy rain in the UK. The Open Days offer vital funding, as people pay to visit and can also sponsor anyone of the beautiful animals there. In years gone by I have offered Reiki treatments to people on these days, as a way to raise money for Remus. I attended an Open Day a couple of weeks ago and decided that instead of selling my Reiki Therapy, I would spend my money and see what other people experienced.

As Kathleen will be teaching Equine Reiki and Shinpiden this September at Remus, it was nice to see it from a public perception. I took my 20 year old son, who was a bit reluctant as he was not sure what to expect. The sun was shining very brightly as we drove up through the Remus fields. We parked the car and paid at the entrance. It was absolutely packed with people, children and dogs. My spirits were raised immediately by the upbeat atmosphere, a band was playing, stalls were scattered around selling bric a brac, Remus memorabilia and so much more. I steered my son over to where the food area was, we purchased homemade vegetarian sandwiches and a mugs of hot tea. Being impressed with my will power, I refrained from eating the yummy homemade cake. Dogs on leads with their owners passed us by, as we sat chatting about where we were going to go next. My son had been at University for the last six months, so getting time together on our own was better than any tonic a Dr could prescribe.

I have offered Reiki to the animals many times at Remus and I have always been humbled by each animal and the experience. It has been a privilege, as they have been my teachers, allowing me to grow into the Animal Reiki Practitioner I am today. They have been patient with me and at times have given me lots to think about. Remus has built a path way around the whole of the Sanctuary, so that every animal can be seen. Walking with Michael my son, I watched with amazement as the horses came right up to the fences. They allowed strangers to stroke them, they encouraged children, who I could see, were intimidated by their size, to move closer. There was such a gentleness and openness towards strangers who they had never met before. Watching the horses, I was so proud of them, as I knew that many of them had been treated so badly by the human race in the past; opening up their hearts to people they had never met before, showing forgiveness, brought tears to my eyes. If they can forgive and move forward, then so could I. The Reiki precepts show us how we should live our lives on a daily basis, we are taught not to anger, to worry, to be compassionate, to be humble and to be honest in our work. Being able to stand and watch and just ‘be’ allowed me to understand that animals are living these precepts every single day, yet I had never been able to see it before. Michael loved being so close to the horses and it was a joy to watch him stroking Dolly and the mutual enjoyment they got from sharing each other’s company.

The Remus animals are amazing teachers and I am continually learning, they are always very gentle and nudge me in the right direction with enormous patience (I have needed a lot of lessons lol) Kathleen will be teaching at Remus from the 5 – 8 of September 2013. The Remus Animals are always looking for new students to teach and LOVE meeting new people. They cannot wait to meet Kathleen again, so they can show her all of the new improvements at Remus; new training room, paddocks, laminitic field, new fencing and again SO MUCH MORE.

Dolly teaches Michael the lesson 'forgiveness'

Dolly teaches Michael the lesson ‘forgiveness’

Frosty, the Reiki Dog

FrostyI wasn’t looking for a dog. I was quite happy and content with seven unique cats. (Yes, you could say I live in a cathouse). I certainly didn’t anticipate a little dog to come into my life, teaching me to look at my Reiki practice and The Precepts in ever new ways. But let me back up a bit.

I had been volunteering Reiki at a wildlife refuge, for almost two years when Beth, the founder, came up to me and said, “I was at the shelter and one of the people said he was trying to use more natural and holistic ways of calming the dogs down and I told him about you and Reiki. Give him a call”. So I did.
Mike had two particular dogs in mind to work with; Serafina, a very sweet, incredibly shy lab mix, and Frosty, a Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua mix, who would nip at people and would circle her kennel endlessly.

After working with Serafina for two visits, she was less shy and was adopted by a nice family. Frosty, who had been in shelter/foster environments for almost two years, was still there. I was warned when I went to work with her” “Don’t pet her, even if she jumps in your lap, she’ll bite”. Volunteers were afraid of her. At one point, one person mentioned that someone recommended having all of her teeth pulled so she would be more adoptable. As it was, she could not be in a home with children or other dogs. For a couple of sessions I worked with her right outside of her kennel. Then we moved into a room, away from the barking and distractions of all the other dogs. She would circle the room and then settle in my lap, sigh and fall asleep. She would put her head under my hand and stay very still.

As the weeks went by, I offered Reiki to all the animals and watched as many were adopted. I wasn’t tempted to adopt any of them because, 1) the shelter was very careful about who adopted, so I knew they would be okay and 2) it is a No-Kill shelter, so there not a deadline, so to speak. Still, it is hard on animals to be a shelter, no matter how kind the people are.

Frosty started to be more affectionate to me and I started to have a nagging thought to maybe adopt her. (I’d have to make sure my landlord wouldn’t mind, that she and the cats would get along, etc.). Then Frosty went into a foster home. I asked how it was going and it sounded like he was going to adopt her. He had one cat and a bird and I thought it would be great for Frosty. And I didn’t have to disrupt my calm little life.

Then, after a month in the foster home, I came to the shelter and Frosty was back in the kennel. For personal reasons, her foster dad was unable to keep her. She looked heartbroken. I was heartbroken for her.

I kept working with her and learned that she didn’t just bite or snap out of the blue, she gave very clear warnings, if you were paying attention. I began to think about adoption becoming a reality.

I checked with my landlord (he said okay) and we had several home visits to see how Frosty would be with the cats and vice versa. So far, so good.
I adopted Frosty at the end of November.

So this 5-7 year old dog, who had been a stray, then in a kill shelter, rescued to a no-kill shelter and had been in two foster homes, with back and knee problems, was now my dog. I had not had a dog before.

Thank God for The Precepts! For Today Only is the only way to live when everyone is learning to adjust to changes in household! I learned that I have to get up a bit earlier so that Frosty can have her morning walk and take care of bathroom issues. (I recently saw a cartoon with a dog talking about its person saying: “She seems nice enough, but when we go on a walk, she steals my poop!”) The cats learned they had a new housemate, and tried to graciously welcome her. Sometimes Frosty was equally gracious, sometimes, not so much. A couple of times she chased a cat into another room and then I’d hear a hiss, followed by a yelp and Frosty running back with a scratch across her nose. Another time, Frosty was trotting thru the house, leash trailing behind her, when she came to an abrupt stop. I investigated and there were seven cats all sitting on her leash. Frosty doesn’t hold a grudge, doesn’t plot to get those evil kitties. In fact, she will sometimes give them a big, sloppy kiss. And I will often find them all curled up on the bed together.

Frosty, with all of her past pain, lives each day without worrying or fear. There is only today. What happened a month ago is over. How she ended up in the streets doesn’t matter. And there is not the slightest sign that she is concerned about the next minute, let alone the next day. She savors each moment, with a look of “Isn’t this the most amazing day ever– don’t you see it”?! She is a very happy dog; she will come in after a walk and roll around on the floor in sheer joy!

One day, coming home from a walk in the neighborhood, I heard a low growl and looked up to see a very big dog loose, with no owner to be seen. The dog looked at Frosty and charged. I got Frosty up onto my trash can, opened my door and got her inside while holding off the big dog. (The dog was not the least bit interested in me, I was in no danger, Frosty was). The dog took off and I went inside to a concerned Frosty. I sat down and started crying from the stress, and Frosty came over and started licking my face and sat in my lap. She showed me such compassion and simply was present with me and let me be, as she simply was herself, fully present to me and fully present with me.

Frosty shows me The Precepts in being fully present in the moment. I realized I was more rigid than I had thought, attached to a particular way of doing things (or to sleeping an extra hour). She teaches me to let go, to breathe, to dive into the now. I look at the snow falling in a different way; I always thought it was beautiful, but to see Frosty dive into the snow and tunnel her way out makes me laugh out loud. There is newness in everything when you see with fresh eyes. The Precepts tell us that, that’s why “For Today Only” is so important, it is the only time, the only moment, so it is ever new. Frosty lives this, without pretense, in an utterly free way; no worries about if it is correct or if she is correct. She simply is; no worries, no apologies, no angst. And I am learning and feeling lighter and freer as I continue to learn from Frosty, Reiki Dog and Teacher.

Kris Azzarello – Shelter Animal Reiki Association Teacher

A shift in my reiki practice – let the animals teach the students

I remember as if it was yesterday, sitting in a room listening to Frans Steine talk about the city of Paris. This may seem strange to you but what he said was so profound and life changing. He said there is a huge difference between going to Paris and describing Paris. What he meant is that there are lots of information in books on the internet about Paris, which of course you could share but unless you actually went to Paris and experienced it, you would be describing something second hand. Now you may be thinking what can this have to do with Reiki? It is the same for Reiki as there are many books out there but unless you experience Reiki, your description will only be judged on someone else’s experience. This is so important when you teach Reiki, as you need to use your own experiences to explain. Last September, when Kathleen came to the UK and  spoke about Animal Reiki. It was by using her own experience’s that made her teaching come alive. She was able to draw on all of the amazing understandings she had learnt from the animals and to share it with us.

Recently I taught Reiki at two SARA Sanctuary’s, the first at Remus Horse Sanctuary. For over 7 years I have been offering Reiki to the animals there.  I learnt from Kathleen last September, the importance of being in the Reiki space for longer, to allow the animals who were nervous to come into the Reiki space. This had a huge shift in my own Reiki practice. It really made me reflect on the discipline of Reiki and how by being in that space for longer. Of course my ‘ego’ had said that there is nothing happening, so I should move on. In fact when nothing is happening everything is happening. By allowing the animals to come into the space in their own time, it allowed animals who had never had Reiki to come forward. We offered Reiki to the horses, goats and sheep. What happened in the workshop was that we were able to work with the cows at Remus,

Remus Level 1 Students

Remus Level 1 Students


Hector's Gate Level 1 Students

Hector’s Gate Level 1 Students

Blossom and Amber. This is the first time ever that I had been able to work with them. Due to the cold weather, they had been brought into the barn in the evening. I spoke to Vicky and asked her, if there was anything that I should know about working with the cows. She said it was important that we did not get in between them, as they do not like to be separated. I took the students into the barn and we stood in the middle. What happened next was totally amazing, as Amber left Blossom and came around the back of us. We were sandwiched in the middle of them.  It was almost as if they had heard the conversation that I had with Vicky. Standing in the middle and being in the space was very powerful. It was such an honour that they could teach my students. As we had our photograph taken by Vicky, Amber came to have her photo taken too.

Just a few days later, I was teaching at Hector’s Gate, this is a new SARA Sanctuary. I arrived on the Friday morning and just had a ‘knowing’ feeling that the animals would come forward to teach these new students. As I taught, Lottie who was a Hector’s Gate Rescue dog had been circling in the field outside the barn where I was teaching. She jumped over the gate and sat on my feet pushed her whole body into me and showed the Hector’s Gate students what animal Reiki was all about. I offered her Reiki and everyone was totally amazed, as she had never before gone to someone that she had never met before. It was an insightful moment for both me as a teacher and for the students. We worked with the horses, dogs and then worked with the chickens. As we entered the chicken pen, it was very noisy. We stood in our own Reiki space and I taught them about not judging but ‘being’. In that space, there was total quietness, the chickens just became silent, as they, for the first time experienced Reiki. Afterwards they all gathered together and slept. Again the students watched on astounded.

What I learnt is that it is the animals that are the teachers and by letting it unfold and not worrying the animals were able to come forward and to show what Animal Reiki truly is. It is also important to teach from experience as you can let go of any worry and ‘just know’.

A Spiritual Blessing for Charlie

Can or should animals receive reiju, the spiritual blessing ritual? Let me recount what happened recently and then you decide.

CharlieCharlie, a handsome white cat with bright jade eyes, came into my family’s life last summer. His owner, an aged German lady named Millicent, refused to be taken to the hospital by the town ambulance service unless she was given assurance that her cat would be taken care of. The managers of the service, Lisa and Jerry, both animal lovers, agreed to take care of the kitty and went to the house to feed him daily. But neither of them could take another animal into their homes. Looking for a solution, Lisa turned to my partner Carol, a part-time medic, for ideas. The upshot was that Carol and I agreed to foster the cat and adopt him if Millicent didn’t return home.. We dubbed him Charlie, got him a collar and tag, and welcomed him into our home. He immediately took over and proved to be a people lover, if not a lover of our other cats. Several weeks later, Charlie had a forever home with us.

The little guy wanted to be a part of our daily routine, inquisitively following us about and climbing up on everything. Part of my routine as a Reiki and Animal Reiki teacher is to practice Reiju regularly, usually to an empty dining room chair. Usually I imagine someone sitting there. That is, a human sitting there. While I regularly offer Reiki to my critters, I hadn’t given any thought to whether animals could or should receive Reiju. One morning as I faced an empty chair and began the ritual, Charlie jumped up and sat there attentively. It seemed to me that he wanted whatever I was offering. So I went ahead and completed the ritual.

While I think the ritual itself is for us and that animals don’t regard that aspect quite the way we do, I believe they can benefit from receiving such a blessing, just as they can benefit from a Reiki treatment. Charlie seemed to enjoy it. Possibly he passed the word to the other cats, because soon afterwards Becky my supersized tiger jumped up on the chair as I prepared to offer Reiju.

Have any of your readers offered Reiju to a pet or thought of doing so? I’d like to hear the experiences and opinions of others.

Diane Anderson
Shelter Animal Reiki Association Teacher