Liam’s Perfection

 Some rights reserved by Tambako the Jaguar

Some rights reserved by Tambako the Jaguar

Upon entering a bottle-feeding goat petting zoo area, a teeny- tiny lone white goat was curled up against a concrete post underneath a gazebo.   Immediately I was drawn to squat down beside him while my hands rested on my knees 5 inches apart to create a Reiki space.  Telepathically, I stated, “I’m creating a Reiki space.  You are welcome to join and take what you want and leave the rest.”  Within minutes, two black baby goats came up one-by-one to investigate my hands then each one chose to stand on the outside of my hands with their eyes closed known as a “Reiki nap”.  Slowly, I shifted my eyes to the lone goat who introduced himself as “Liam”.  Both of his eyes were crusted shut with a thick substance, yet I saw him as perfection.  He slowly stood up, carefully placed his feet, turned 180 degrees, and walked straight between my knees as he delicately centered his head between my hands.  Tears streamed down my face for although he could not physically see, he knew exactly how and where he wanted to go.  Our shared space transcended time, feeling absolute peace, love beyond words, a complete stillness….a pure energetic connection.

Less than five minutes of him joining me and his two black guardian goats, the crusty substance around his eyes began to loosen and one-by-one chunks fell to the ground.  It was interesting to note that when several other baby goats approached, the two black goats near my hands would wake up, gently guide them away, come back to stand guard with their eyes closed…all in a very respectful manner.

The four of us basked within this pure love space, diminishing our physical bodies to embrace our oneness of perfection of connections of our souls.  A sense of perfection beyond perfection enveloped us.  When Liam was finished, his eyes slowly opened to softly gaze into my eyes while his nose gently nudged my hands to thank me.  He walked back into his space to curl up…only this time he could physically see.

Curiously I looked up the meaning of “Liam” which means “helmet of will and protection”.

Camille Pukay
SARA Animal Reiki Teacher
Animal Reiki Divine, LLC

Feral Cats Appreciate Reiki Too!

For several days Cinnamon, a semi-feral cat, had a high-shrieking hacking cough like he had a stubborn hairball wanting to come out; yet at the same time he was rapidly losing weight, becoming lethargic, and drinking lots of water. After several days, I finally asked his persons if I may offer Animal Reiki to him. They replied, “Please do!”

CinnamonWith Cinnamon’s permission, I offered him Reiki from a short distance while he lay on the grass. He continued to cough throughout the entire fifteen minute session. The following day his person commented that he seemed to be doing better. Cinnamon asked for hands-on Reiki this time. His coughing was only intermittent throughout the fifteen minute session. He shared with me that his stomach was feeling poisoned as well as he was being poisoned. I silently acknowledged his statement. While offering Reiki for him, I noticed a strong pull of energy from my back to the Diamond T truck behind me.

When Cinnamon was finished, I went to investigate to see why. Cinnamon’s feral sister, Sassy, was sitting upright behind the front left tire with a stream of fresh blood coming out of her left nostril. YIKES! She shared that she was being poisoned too!
It was also apparent that she had lost her unborn kittens. I thanked her and ran inside to Google my findings: cats and bloody nose and poison. Every link came up with “rat poison” and “take to a vet immediately” as well as a listing all of the symptoms that I have observed from the two. With this information, I told the persons that it is highly recommended to take them to the vet right away.

Cinnamon and SassyAs I was speaking, I noticed that both cats were lying together in the grass. I sat down a few feet from them to offer Reiki again. I could get a sense that their bodies were literally merging with Mother Earth’s energy to become one. I also felt a tremendous sense of grounding energy for myself as I sat in the Reiki space with them. It was a very humbling and powerful sensation.

The following day, Sassy was walking around, clearly feeling better. Her eyes were bright as well as her walking gait was stronger. What was even more amazing, she wanted me to sit less than a foot away to offer more Reiki while she merged with Mother Earth’s energy within minutes of us starting. Cinnamon came over with his eyes shining and head held up high and sat down to join us. He only coughed twice during this fifteen minute session.

A couple days later, Cinnamon wanted to sit on my lap for direct hands-on Reiki around his throat. Again, the session only lasted fifteen minutes. Each time I offered them Reiki, I let them lead in how long they want the session.

I’m happy to report that both cats are doing well. They have gained their weight back and Cinnamon’s cough has completely disappeared. Sassy has returned to her happy feral self. No one can get nearer than two feet from her. Cinnamon can be picked up and be held for a few minutes; yet his new favorite thing is to lay by your feet. They continue to pass time lying on the grass together which brings a smile to me knowing how close to death they were; yet here they are…loving their time together.

Camille Pukay
SARA Teacher
Animal Reiki Teacher
Animal Communicator
Animal Reiki Divine, LLC

Who Helped Whom?

Imagine standing next to a horse, and immediately being led to place your body into a Mountain Pose. Meeting Joe Black for the first time, this is what I did with my right hand placed on my heart and my left hand placed above his shoulder. During this Mountain Pose, the word “Yogi” came to mind.

Joe Black is a beautiful nine year old black Percheron who was rescued by Changing Leads Equine Rescue, just days before I came to offer him Animal Reiki. His presence commands respect, even though he’s 600 pounds underweight.

After I had introduced myself, I sat a short distance from him because he was still eating his alfalfa cubes; I wanted to give him space. After thirty minutes of offering Animal Reiki, my heart did a little leap when this gentle giant walked over to sniff my hands. Afterwards he slowly pivoted and walked a couple of slow laps around his hard turnout.

Soon I heard telepathically “Do yoga” from him. Aside from being surprised, I thought to myself that would be really weird to be doing yoga in a horse’s turnout, as well as there were several people around the place that could possibly be watching. I telepathically told him, “uh…no….not going there.” He replied gently, “Ok. That’s fine.”

I caught myself thinking curiously ….what does this being know about yoga? Forgetting about my surroundings, I jumped up asking telepathically “Ok, I’m game! What pose?”. He flashed me pictures of one doing the Sun Salutation. I telepathically said, “uh…we’re on gravel…can we compromise?” He then flashed the beginning sequence of a Sun Salutation: Mountain Pose, Upward Salute, Standing Forward Bend, Standing Half Forward Bend, and back to Mountain Pose. I happily replied “I can do that!”

As I was doing the poses, he came and stood near me, breathing in the Reiki. I literally felt his breath on me throughout the first round.

Upward Salute

(During this Upward Salute, Joe was licking his lips which is a sign of him accepting Reiki.)

After the first round, he wanted Reiki focused on his heart space with my left hand for several minutes. Again, I followed his request.

Joe Black

When he had enough, he slowly walked off into a corner and went into a “Reiki nap”. His body completely relaxed by lowering his head, closing his eyes, licking his lips, and snoring from time to time.

Yoga Pose

Standing Forward Bend

Anytime that I took a rest, he would wake up, turn his head to me while licking his lips all the while saying “Continue.”

(Look at all of the amazing orbs!)

After about thirty minutes from doing these poses, I heard him say “Now twist”. Again, he flashed me a picture of what the pose was and I obliged.

He continued to lick his lips as he stood with his eyes closed. After two minutes of twisting, he said “Warrior”. When I stepped into the Warrior pose, he opened his eyes and turned his head to look at me. As we stood looking into each other’s eyes for several minutes, time stood still as we experienced a transcendent release from our lives. He thanked me and told me he was finished. After I had thanked him and Reiki, I wondered to myself….who helped whom?

On further note, I discussed with my yoga teacher later that evening to find the deeper meanings behind the poses. Mountain Pose is bringing awareness of one’s aliveness. The beginning of a Sun Salutation which leads to the Upward Salute is opening oneself to the divine energy to flow within. Standing Forward Bend is bowing down to Mother Earth’s energy, and then Standing Half Forward Bend is to open one’s heart space to receive this energy. The twisting pose further opens up the heart space (heart chakra). Warrior represents strength, which leads back to my question….who helped whom?

Camille Pukay
Animal Reiki Divine, LLC
SARA Teacher

Help From A Caterpillar

Waking up early on a Sunday morning in Stockton, MO on a camping trip, I told my husband that I had wanted to see the water pier by taking a walk. He was very surprised, since I was three and a half months pregnant experiencing constant morning sickness. But this morning I was determined to go, even if I had to walk at a snail’s pace.

During the walk, there were literally hundreds of butterflies flittering nearby, as well as lots of caterpillars crossing our path. I had to sit down on the ground every now and then to catch my breath, and to regain my center of gravity before I returned to my goal of seeing that water pier!

Within a half an hour, we were able to sit on a huge stone to enjoy the water pier scenery. We made it! WOO-HOO!

On the way back, I thought to myself, “I wonder if caterpillars like Reiki.” I placed my index finger on the ground with the intention of offering Reiki to anyone who had wanted it, while sitting down on the side of a country road. A light pale green hairless caterpillar with purple diamonds along his back crawled onto the top of my finger and curled up. I immediately went into a deep meditation trance….felt stirring in every cell of my body and pure happiness.

When I awoke, I was full of giddiness and energy! As I stood up, I felt taller and happier. I literally skipped back to the campsite! I may have added a few dance steps as well! The caterpillar helped me! I was absolutely floored that a one-inch being would be so willing to help a human being feel better through the power of Reiki! AMAZING!

Yes, I thanked the caterpillar profusely after I got over my amazement!

Camille Pukay

Making Adjustments For Buddha

BuddhaWhile he waited for me as I worked on another horse with Animal Reiki, Dealer became very restless, by repeatedly pacing in his stall, snickering, and kicking his door. As an animal communicator, I let him know that he could accept Reiki as well, even though I was focusing on another horse; but he just wanted out! I suggested for his person to walk him around the property while I worked on her first horse.

When I was ready to focus on Dealer, I asked his person how he was doing. She replied “antsy”. So we went to the indoor arena so he could have more room to walk around if he chose to do so. I felt Reiki flowing very slightly as I stood a short distance from him. Shortly after I began, I was drawn to walk up to him and lightly touch his right flank near his hipbone. He flinched as he shared that that particular touch triggered a memory that he was angry about. I acknowledged his sharing, and continued to offer Reiki from a short distance.

Instead of him calming down with the Reiki, he was becoming boisterous, which was an unusual behavior from Dealer. Because he was still interested in Reiki, I suggested to his person that we needed to change his environment; so the three of us went outside, and only then did he instantly calm down. During this time of him grazing the grass, he became fully opened and relaxed as he accepted Reiki. By his own choice, he released the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual component of this memory of young boys throwing sharp pointy triangular-shaped rocks at him. He also shared that he wanted to be called “Buddha” by everyone, not just his person.

Several days later, his person reported he seemed much more content with himself, as well as enjoying his new name, Buddha!

Camille Pukay

Reiki for Blackie

BlackieIn September 2007, my dog, Blackie, was constantly licking his left forearm, so I took a closer look and there was a three inch cut. I had a flashback that he had the exact same cut on the same arm the previous year, and we had taken him to a vet because it was infected, and they gave me an orange ointment to apply. I remember him shrieking when we put it on, and I was really reluctant to continue but the cut did heal.

I also remembered the vet saying that it was good for him to continue to lick his arm, because their saliva had healing properties. So, for this cut I allowed him to lick, and prayed for it to heal.

The next day, I noticed the area was red and puffy and he continued to lick his arm. The following day, he was losing his hair around it, and his skin was turning black. I figured that I would apply a natural ointment on, and he was very quiet about it.

Late night, I noticed that the black skin was getting crusty. I sadly went to bed thinking “I need to call the vet tomorrow because it’s just getting worse.”

Then, a celestial 2X4 hit me between my eyes and screamed “Do Reiki!” Oops! I totally forgot about that because I had just learned Reiki a month before. I was extremely tired, so I figured that I would do it for a short time.

Blackie’s eyes were very sad when I approached him. I asked for his permission and he wagged his tail ever so slightly. When I placed my hands above his cut, he pulled his arm back. When I placed my hands on his paw below his cut, he pulled his arm back. I took a deep breath, and placed my hands on his elbow that was above his cut. He laid his head down, closed his eyes, and took a deep sigh.

I asked for Reiki to flow for the highest good, and really tried to stay awake because I was sooo tired myself! After 10 minutes, I kissed Blackie while thanking him for accepting the Reiki, and also apologized for not thinking to do this sooner. I also told him that I will check on him in the morning, and continue to do Reiki for him as well as to call his vet.

The next morning, I remembered to check his forearm, and noticed that his eyes were very bright and shining. I literally fell to my knees because his cut had totally disappeared! Yes, his hair was still gone, but his skin had zero trace of that ugly red, puffy, black and crusty appearance! WOW!! Bless the Reiki energy!

I have never since forgotten the power of Reiki, and to absolutely trust that it will work for the highest good each and every time!

Camille Pukay
Animal Reiki Practitioner and Teacher
Animal Reiki Divine, LLC

Oh, Momma! Seriously?

MommaOne of the sweetest horses on the face of this earth is Momma, a fourteen year old Registered Thoroughbred. She was rescued from California in Oct 2009 by Kansas City, Missouri’s Changing Leads Equine Rescue which in turn rehabilitates horses for adoption.

She will often be very specific where she wants my hands on her to accept Animal Reiki. This particular day she backed into me to have my hands placed on her left hind end. Because I have worked with her multiple times, I’ve come to know that when she places her left hind end at a diagonal toward my hands, she wants me to rub my hands from her tailbone down to her knees following her muscle line. I always make sure this is exactly what she wants before I proceed.

Within a couple of minutes of rubbing her back leg while offering Animal Reiki, I “heard” Momma say “Now, chant HSZSN” (Reiki Symbol #3). This totally startled me because the more I work with Momma; the more our telepathic communication opens up between the two of us which delights both of us!

C: What? (She has never requested this before.)

M: Chant HSZSN while doing that.

C: Okay. (I started chanting silently.)

M: Out loud, please.

C: Oh, Momma….seriously? Out loud? What if someone walks in?

She turned and looked at me as she said “No worries. Just do it.” I swear she winked which made me think “Okay, she wants me to chant out loud but she’s winking too?”

After I softly chuckled at my thoughts, I began chanting HSZSN out loud while rubbing her backend. Within seconds, her head dropped inches to the ground and she fell into a deep Reiki nap. During this thirty minute session, in five minute intervals, she would wake up, take three steps forward, take a couple of deep breaths and back into me to start the process all over again.

Eventually a person did walk in, but I focused on Momma, knowing to trust the process of what she wanted. After thirty minutes, Momma turned around to face me, nuzzled my hands with her nose as she looked into my eyes to show me her appreciation. The lady that walked in smiled at me as she said, “I thought the radio was on, but it was you!”

I replied “It’s what Momma wanted me to do.”

“Cool”, said the lady.

Momma was right… “No worries…just do it!”

Camille Pukay
Animal Reiki Divine, LLC
SARA Teacher

A Valuable Reiki Lesson From A Horse Named Joe

Momma, a 14 year old Thoroughbred, is usually my first stop to offer Animal Reiki on my weekly visit to Changing Leads Equine Rescue. She’s usually waiting for me, but for today she declined. I was surprised and slightly disappointed, but I honored her wishes.

I walked to the other side of the barn to a different pasture to see if Joe, a 21 year old Paint/Pinto, and/or Visa, an Arabian, would like some Animal Reiki. As I was walking towards the pasture, I noticed Joe was waiting for me close to the gate. As I approached, he lifted up his right forelock to show me that the flies were bothering him. I went to apply fly spray on him, and proceeded to offer him Animal Reiki with his permission.

Within minutes, he sighed deeply and went into a Reiki nap as I stood five feet from him. Visa decided to join us ten minutes later by placing herself shoulder to shoulder with Joe, standing in the opposite direction. Throughout the next 30 minutes, Joe was completely oblivious to Visa’s constant motion of getting the flies off of her, even though she was just inches from him. I found myself becoming worried and frustrated that she may wake him up from his Reiki nap from her constant stomping, shaking, and swishing of her tail to get the flies off. I knew that she was accepting Reiki, too, because her eyes were closed and she licked her lips from time to time.

As the minutes went by, I found myself wanting to be like Joe, a calm presence to other’s irritations. I began to silently chant the Reiki symbols to myself to help stay in the Reiki space. My worries and frustration shifted into amazement and calmness. Tears streamed down my face as I realized that I can be like Joe.

His lesson to me was to take care of my own irritations, ground myself with Reiki, then the realization of others’ irritations will be around you but to zero affect to you. When we stand in our truth of who we are, we accept others as who they are. THANK YOU JOE!

Camille Pukay
Animal Reiki Divine, LLC
Animal Reiki Teacher/Practitioner
SARA Teacher

An Unexpected Reiki Gift from a Ball Python

I had an incredible experience on January 11th, 2009 when my husband and I attended an event called “Eagle Days” in Smithville, Missouri, to learn about bald eagles. The first thing that I saw when we entered was a snake exhibit and my usual response is to pivot and head in the opposite direction whenever I see a snake! But for some reason, I headed straight towards it!

It may be because an eleven year old girl was standing there with a ball python wrapped around each of her wrists. After many questions, I found out she had visited the day before, and the volunteers noticed how natural she was with the snakes and had asked her to help out the following day. Amazing but true!

As we were talking, a four-year old boy came up and asked her if he could hold one. He did, and handed it back to her. Before I knew what was happening, the words “I know that I’m not a kid but can I hold one too?” came out of my mouth. She replied, “Sure”, and told me to cup my hands together. My husband was standing near me with an “Are you kidding me?” look on his face but I ignored him as I was embracing my fears!

As the four foot ball python curled up in my hands, his tongue flicked around my heart center. Within seconds, I somehow went into a peaceful trance and all of the commotion around me completely disappeared. What I experienced was beyond what words can describe. I was in a different dimension that enveloped me with tranquility and filled me up with tremendous unconditional love in every cell of my body.

Within minutes of holding him, I came back to the present; his head was resting on my heart space literally inches from my face. I was completely startled, but at the same time I was absolutely stunned at what he had shared with me. He was a master teacher in a four foot long snake body sharing with me his wisdom of the Reiki energy. Thanks to him I have a new respect toward snakes that I have never had before!

Camille Pukay
SARA Practitioner/Teacher