Get Down (on the) Sidewalk Reiki for Animals

After several unsuccessful attempts to introduce reiki into my local animal shelter I was frustrated. I so wanted to offer the healing benefits of Reiki to the shelter pets – what to do? Divine intervention took over.

In my local food store was a flyer for Homeward Bound, a local dog rescue organization that “showed” their pets on the sidewalk in front of the local PetsMart. I decided to give it a whirl, went to the next showing, approached the registration table, introduced myself to Tamara (the manager) and asked – Can I offer Reiki to these dogs? There will be no charge. I want to help these dogs get adopted.

“What is Reiki?”, she asked, “and what can it do for these dogs?”

I gave the explanation and the manager was all for it. “I don’t know anything about Reiki but if it can help these dogs, go for it.”

So, my wife (also a Reiki Master) and I proceeded to do the work. As we worked we gathered small crowds of potential adopters, Homeward Bound personnel, PetsMart customers and onlookers. What we did not know right away was all the dogs were fostered and their foster “parents” were in the crowd.

After several of the dogs were treated the foster parents introduced themselves and said they were amazed at the behavior and other positive changes that were taking place right before their eyes. In addition, Tamara also observed the changes in the dogs and asked if we could come next week.

Reiki proved itself. We were in!

George Belev

Baby Reindeer – Passage into Spirit

Friends of mine are licensed to raise reindeer on their farm. I was called one day regarding a baby reindeer having difficulty in breathing and not eating or drinking. On arrival at the barn I found the baby reindeer in a small pen, barely standing on skinny, wobbly legs, wheezing and shaking badly. My friend indicated that the veterinarian had seen the baby reindeer and could not come up with a diagnosis at that time. I went into the pen and offered reiki to the baby reindeer.

Baby reindeerThe baby reindeer turned to look at me, but did not seem to mind my presence in its “space.” In a short time the baby reindeer’s breathing became much more regular, the shaking stopped and the animal began to eat and drink. As the treatment progressed, the other reindeer in the herd, including the baby reindeer’s mother and father, turned and focused their attention on us. I intuited that they sensed the spirituality of the treatment.

Sadly, my friend called later during the week to tell me the baby reindeer had passed. She advised that the veterinarian had performed an autopsy and discovered a large hole in the baby reindeer’s heart; a fatal flaw without recovery. My friend told me that, although the baby reindeer was apparently destined to die, the Reiki treatment provided the animal with relief, comfort and renewed interest in eating and drinking. She believed that the Reiki treatment greatly facilitated the baby reindeer’s transition into spirit and thanked me for being able to offer it.

George Belev

Photo credit: Roger Asbury –

The Pet Guardian Program at the APF

My shelter, the Animal Protective Foundation (APF) of Scotia, NY in cooperation with the Schenectady (NY) Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) sponsors the Pet Guardian Program. Basically, the APF takes in pets belonging to battered, abused or otherwise compromised women who seek shelter at the YWCA. The APF provides for the care and feeding of these pets in a secure environment, accessible to the women and select APF personnel. As the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) representative at the APF, I approached APF management and proposed that Reiki be offered to these animals. The APF agreed and granted me and my wife (also a Reiki Master) access to these pets.

As we entered the room used for housing these pets, we found two dogs (one female about two years old and one male about six years of age) and a Cockatiel. Randomly my wife selected to male and I took the female, named Queenie Sue. She took one look at me, six foot and 200 pounds, and became extremely agitated, barking and running around the pen. I assumed that I resembled the abuser in some way and Queenie Sue wanted nothing to do with me. My wife had to problems offering Reiki to the male dog. Given Queenie Sue’s greeting, I thought that a distance treatment, to start, might be the best way to go.

I went outside the room, into the hallway, and offered Reiki to Queenie Sue. I sensed that the offering was being accepted but did not go back into the room. My wife completed her treatment and met me in the hallway. She indicated that Queenie Sue had relaxed and was taking a Reiki nap. I returned in a few days and repeated the distance treatment on Queenie Sue. After about three to four distance treatments I ventured into the room and was able to offer Reiki to Queenie Sue directly. In fact, I was able to get her out of the pen and into my arms.

My wife and I continued to offer Reiki to both dogs and the bird. We were subsequently told by the APF that all three were surrendered to the APF by the owner (she could no longer take care of them), put up for adoption and all three adopted.

George Belev

Healing Puddin’

Puddin’ is a five year old male Calico cat adopted from a local animal shelter. The first time I met Puddin’ he was having a tough day. He had recently injured both front paws in an unexplained accident, losing several claws and bleeding intermittently. He had become skittish, would not allow anyone to touch his paws and had become unresponsive to his care person’s commands.

Puddin also had issues with veterinarians. When he sensed that’s where he was headed he growled, hissed, fussed and could not (and would not) be handled. In addition, his care person indicated that she was going through a very stressful time in her life, having recently moved into the house, agreed to foster a therapy dog candidate and changed jobs. She explained that Puddin’s behavior was adding to the already high level of stress she was experiencing.

I gave Puddin’ a Reiki treatment immediately to boost his immune system and help with the healing of his front paws. Over the next couple of weeks I visited Puddin’ and gave him regular treatments. He took Reiki from a distance but gradually moved closer to me. However, Puddin moved around the room from hiding place to hiding place, although I could tell he was accepting the flow of energy. When he came out from these places, and looked me in the eye, I could tell the treatment was over.

A few weeks later his care person asked me to give Puddin a treatment so she could bring him to the veterinarian for necessary shots and examinations. She was very apprehensive. During that visit Puddin took quite a lot of Reiki energy for his highest good. He became quiet and relaxed during the treatment. His person reported that Puddin was a perfect gentleman at the veterinarian, allowing him to be examined without fuss.

George C. Belev
Reiki Master Teacher
Certified Healing Touch Practitioner
Healing Touch for Animals Certified Practitioner
Pet/Massage Instructor
Certified Pet Care Technician
Certified Pet Sitter