We’re Invisible!

…….by Jodie Brenner

I noticed during one of the Reiki I classes at Synergy Animal Hospice that  the Sheriff’s department had placed a pregnant mare and two other horses on the shared property of the Animal Hospice.

We were told we could offer Reiki to the horses, but we were not allowed in the gated area, which led to their locked paddocks.  The second day of class we offered Reiki to the horses and positioned ourselves  along the back fenced area.  The wire fence was about 8 feet tall and the horses could see us and actually touch us if they came down to that part of their paddocks.  The horses seemed very curious and accepting of 5 people offering them Reiki.  We felt the pregnant mare was totally immersing herself and her unborn baby in the Reiki.

A couple of weeks later one of my students, who is also my friend and I went to the property, we went to the same area in the back of the paddocks and sat on the earth next to the fence.  We both were totally in our Reiki space and could feel the energy vibrating as all three horses were licking and chewing and doing the involuntary head bobs.  She only had her new Reiki hands for a couple of weeks and was amazed at the heat and energy she was feeling.

I was distracted when I heard a truck coming up the driveway to my left.  It was a member of the Sheriff’s department, most likely coming to feed the horses and check on them.   My friend and I looked at each other wide eyed as if  “Oh no”.  Although we had permission to be there and it was my understanding the Sheriff’s department was aware that “people may be offering Reiki to the horses” I still felt like I might have some explaining to do:).  We watched him enter the locked area and begin to throw hay into the three paddocks.  The horses did not seem to be in a hurry to eat and slowly began to move towards the now filled hay tubs.  We wondered why the man did not acknowledge us, surely he could see us.  My friend said “maybe the Reiki makes us invisible” we both quietly laughed. He walked towards us to the water pump and began to turn it on.  He was  about 20 feet from us and still did not appear to see us!  My friend said “Hello”  he looked around and then spotted us on the ground.  After his reply of “Hello” I felt I needed to add something so I said “we are with the Animal Hospice and are giving the horses Reiki”  he replied “oooh, OK,  well have a good day”  he continued with his chores and then left.

We laughed as to wondering if he knew what Reiki was or if he thought we were just a couple of crazy women sitting on the earth looking into the horse pens and humming:)

Reiki for Roxanne

In December I  went to visit my good friend in Montana that recently moved her horse sanctuary to a 1,200 acre ranch.  I was excited for our visit and especially excited to meet Roxanne.  Roxanne,  a four month old filly arrived a week before my visit.  She came to the sanctuary from a neglectful situation and her mother had already weaned her, as she was not able to feed and care for her.

During my stay the temperatures dropped to 25-40 below zero for 5 days.  A small corral was constructed inside one of the barns for Roxanne.  Her adopted Aunt Madison, a retired broodmare that found a home at the sanctuary last year was in the corral outside the barn.  They could still be close to each other and nuzzle through the panel that replaced the door.

One of the many things I wanted to do during my visit was to offer Reiki to Roxanne.  Roxanne was very shy and stayed her distance when I was in the corral helping with the chores.  She would look at me out of the corner of one eye.  We felt Roxanne would benefit from a Reiki session.  I did not have all of my “winter gear”, but I was determined to sit with Roxanne.  My friend gave me a horse blanket to wrap myself in stating it would be warmer than any human blanket she could give me.

It was a cloudless blue sky, beautiful, sunny and 25 below zero day.  It was my last day at the ranch.  I walked out to the barn, turned a bucket upside down, wrapped myself in the horse blanket and sat about six inches from the corral panel.  The sun warmed my back as it shone in the opening of the barn.  Roxanne stayed in the far corner quietly looking at me and most likely wondering what the heck I was doing.  A human in a horse blanket sitting on a bucket outside of her new home.

I created my Reiki space and set my intentions to offer her Reiki and for her to take the amount of Reiki that was appropriate for her.  As with the SARA technique, I allowed Roxanne to participate in her own healing and I remained outside of her corral.  Allowing her the freedom to move around and feel safe in her space.  I began to feel the Reiki flowing through my hands, I could hear Roxanne moving around.  I opened my eyes to see her place her tiny hips and tail a few inches from the panel in front of me.  As she swayed in a gentle motion back and forth.  She let out a baby sigh and began to eat the hay in front of me.  I felt a wave of happiness and excitement that she was willing to come to my side of the corral and showed signs of receiving the Reiki.

The time with her was very magical and peaceful.  She ate for about 20 minutes and then stood in the middle of the corral doing the “involuntary head bob” and letting out deep sighs.  A couple of times she came over and placed her head in front of me and our faces almost touched.  I could feel her warm breath on my face.  As I gazed into those soulful eyes I resisted the urge to reach out and touch the baby soft tiny nuzzle.  I really wanted to climb in there and just hug her, but I did not.  This was about her needs and not my desires.  She had to learn how to trust humans and in the process trust life.  In her four short months on this planet she had already experienced much saddness, betrayal and loss.  I was offering her healing and allowing her to take the Reiki energy to heal herself.

I looked at my cell phone to check the time and realized almost an hour had gone past.  I quietly told Roxanne I was preparing to end the Reiki.  I heard a soft, quiet voice say “not yet”, I could feel my eyes full of tears and a wave of tingles through my body.  I stayed.    I could no longer feel my toes, but surprisingly enough they were the only body part that was cold.  I continued to offer her Reiki and hoped some of the heat I was generating would travel to my toes.

Shortly after the hour I could feel the Reiki flow subside and I knew Roxanne had received all she needed for now.  She looked at me and began to yawn many times and then she stuck out her cute pink tongue and was stretching it in all directions.  I laughed at the antics and the faces she was making.  I knew she was releasing so much.  I asked her what she was releasing and heard “pent up emotions”.  I was happy to see her finally relax enough to release all she was holding in her little body.

I looked up to see Madison standing in the sun with her head against the barn sleeping  next to the opening.  It was such a peaceful moment.  I did not want to leave.  I thanked Roxanne, Aunt Madison and Reiki for allowing us to unite in this incredible space.

I shared the information about Roxanne sticking out her tongue with my friend.  She felt this information made sense with what she had noticed of Roxanne in the few days she had been there.  Before we left the ranch we stopped by to check on the horses.  Roxanne and Madison were standing in the sun half asleep.  We could see the soft nature in their eyes and bodies in total relaxation.  They were enjoying the warmth from the sun, the bond they created with each other and a knowing they are in a safe, nuturing space.

Another Lesson in “Trust” from Reiki

I recently had the opportunity to give a SARA presentation to a local humane society animal shelter.   We tried for several weeks to coordinate my schedule with the schedules of the Executive Director and her right hand person.  I met both of them a couple of months prior to our meeting and I also attended their volunteer orientation.  We were  happy to finally set a date to discuss Reiki and the SARA program.

The presentation lasted about an hour and they both were very excited about Reiki and the benefits it could bring to the animals and the shelter.   Since neither of them had experienced Reiki for themselves I offered to give them each a mini Reiki session.  It lasted about 10 minutes each and both commented on how relaxed and peaceful they felt.  I could feel the positive flow of our meeting.

Prior to the meeting we talked about offering Reiki to some of the dogs.   They decided it would be best to bring one of the dogs into the very big conference/training room that we were in.  The wanted to try it with the dog out of his element.  The assistant went to get the “dog that had some issues”  and the ED was called out by one of the staff momentarily.

This is when my mind started on a wild race with all of the “what ifs”- the control- the preconceived ideas of what it should look like-I thought we would be in the kennel with the dog- I feel pressure to perform-and on and on.  WHOA–slow down cowgirl as I pull myself back in.  It is amazing to me, given the opportunity how many scenarios my mind can create in a matter of seconds!  As I sat in this big conference room alone, I gave myself  Reiki, I sent Reiki into the room-which already felt wonderful from the Reiki I gave the humans just minutes ago.

The assistant brought in a male Pit Bull mix breed that destroys everything and anything he finds.  He is anxious, a bit nervous and not quite ready for adoption.  The ED is sitting at the table across from me and the assistant is on the floor at one end of the room.  I have already explained to them the way we offer Reiki with SARA.  The dog is free to roam in the room and I allow him to come in and out of the Reiki space I am creating and take the amount of Reiki he needs. 

I make my self comfortable in the chair as I close my eyes and began to offer him Reiki.  I can feel immediately the Reiki flowing from my hands and know he is accepting it.  However, he is pacing around the room, sniffing every chair (about 20 of them), every corner and nook.  He is breathing heavy.   He comes over to me for about  30 seconds and places his head on my lap and paces off.  Eventually, he makes his way over to the assistant and plops beside her. 

Again, my mind wants to go on it’s tangent of how this should look and what he  should be doing.  What are the humans thinking?  Do they think I am crazy sitting here with my eyes closed and my open hands resting on my lap, appearing to be doing nothing.  I come back to focus on the Reiki, by silently saying the dog’s name or chanting a Reiki symbol.  I trust the Reiki is happening (I can feel it, so I know that it is) and allow it.  He continues to lay, roll and play beside the assistant.  There is a sense of peacefulness in the room.

Just as the animals take the Reiki in the ebb and flow, so does my mind.  In the 15 minutes I was with the dog I would “worry” and then come back and allow.  In the end I received much validation from the humans on the incredible difference they saw in the dog.  As they put it, “they never saw him so relaxed and at peace”.  They thought it was  amazing.  I too found it to be amazing, because I was concerned of how he appeared to be anxious.  I had never seen the dog before to know his typical behavior that was now apparently transformed.

We  plan to introduce Reiki in the shelter in the near future, as they have made many changes and want to slowly introduce  another change.  My lesson from the dog is to just “TRUST”the Reiki.  I am grateful for all the animals that continue to guide me and help me to just allow rather than do!