Mary Gillen – Shelter Animal Reiki Association Teacher

Mary Gillen SARA Teacher and Mo-Mo

Mexico, NY

Mary a SARAi Reiki Practitioner is a level II Karuna Reiki and Ama Deus practitioner and an animal communicator.

After retiring in 2001, she explored various spiritual modalities that led her to her ongoing study of animal Reiki with Kathleen Prasad founder of Animal Reiki Source and classical Japanese Reiki with Frans Stiene of The International House of Reiki

Mary offers Reiki treatments privately to both animals and humans.  She also volunteers at the Kindred Kingdom Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Pennellville, NY.

Currently involved in familiarizing local rescue organizations with the benefits of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) program, Mary believes that Reiki helps us reestablish and deepen our a personal connection with our animal friends, each other and the natural world.

Articles by Mary Gillen:

What People Are Saying:

Let me just say I cannot say enough great things about Mary Gillen. Mary has been a god-send to the farm and Divine Nature Wildlife Rehab. She is amazing with Reiki and animal communications. Mary has become a very good friend and a wonderful addition to our farm. She is a welcome addition to the BMR Acres & Divine Nature family. My husband & I, as well as the animals (especially our rescues) look forward to Mary’s visits and classes/sessions at our farm. -Mary Ellen Rose, Founder BMR Acres